The 10 Worst Things You Can Do To Your New Car


Buying a brand new car does bring a big dose of excitement to the table, for a car is one of the largest purchase one usually makes, second only to a house. In all this excitement, a lot of things could be ignored, or even overlooked, and this can make your car’s ownership experience a struggle. Today, we list out 10 worst things you can do you to your new car.

1. No PDI means a potential lemon as a car.

Pre-Delivery Inspection

PDI or pre-delivery inspection is a must for every car owner. The onus is on you to ensure that the car you receive from the dealership is a brand new one, straight out of the factory. You also have to make doubly sure that the papers are in place. Here’s a guide on how to go about with the pre-delivery inspection process.

2. Not reading the owner’s manual thoroughly.

Read The Manual First

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This is the most common mistake new car owners make, and one that could lead to a lot of issues. From missing service intervals to not even knowing where the car’s jack is located, not reading the owner’s manual could lead to a lot of unwanted issues. So, read the manual first, everytime you buy a new car irrespective of whether you’re a seasoned car owner.

3. Not taking it easy for the first few hundred kilometers.

Running In Car

It’s always a nice feeling to drive a car at a good clip. But you’ve got to take it easy for the first few hundred kilometers at least. More so, since the car’s engine needs sometime to settle down and break-in. Running in a car’s engine is very important, to ensure both longevity of the engine, consistent performance and good mileage.

4. Not sticking to service intervals.

Service Engine oil pressure

This is a common mistake many new car owners make, either wilfully or by mistake. Either ways, your car’s warranty is liable to be cancelled by the authorized service center, who’re anyway waiting to cancel your warranty for the flimsiest reason possible. Also, even one missed service interval anytime in the car’s life cycle can even void the expensive extended warranty you purchased to insure yourself.

5. Not taking time to understand your car.

Opening car door

This includes the degree to which doors open. You don’t want a door banging a fuel station kerb and getting misaligned on your brand new car, do you. Likewise, knowing the ground clearance of the car and the way you can approach parking ramps and speed breakers will mean the difference between a clean or a damaged underbody.

6. Missing wheel alignment and balancing schedules.

Wheel Alignment


Diesel cars with engines putting a heavy load on the front wheels, can chew down a set of tyres in less than 5,000 kilometers if you ignore regular wheel alignment and balancing schedules. A worn out set of tyres means a straight loss of 20,000 rupees, which could have easily been prevented with under 500 rupees and 30 minutes of your time.

7. Patronizing neighborhood mechanics.

Neighborhood Mechanic


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Except in case of an emergency, heading to a neighborhood mechanic to fix major issues on your car is another way to get your warranty voided. So, stay away from your friendly neighborhood mechanic until your warranty has expired.

8. Don’t D-I-Y.

Young woman fixing a car in a garage.


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Do-it-yourself sounds very cool, but with some cars saddled with enough technology to power a spaceship, attempting do-it-yourself fixes or modifications to your car can have catastrophic consequences, and you’ll lose warranty too.

9. Not keeping away from modifications that could void your warranty.

Dodge Charger

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A different make of tyres but with the same stock size will be fine but don’t go further than this and upsize in a big way. In case you do so, suspension warranty could be voided. So, get the drift? Stay away from modifications until your warranty is done, even if it would make your car sound twice as sweet.

10. Ignoring warning lights can be absolutely perilous.

Car Warning Lamps


The temperature guage is there for a reason and if you ignore an overheat warning, a few minutes of engine overheating can result in the engine getting severely damaged. Similarly, there are a lot of things that can get messed up if you ignoring warning lights.