India’s Best Modified Cars – Part VIII

The Indian car buyer is evolving and so is the enthusiast. Even as more and more new cars arrive into the country, the car culture here is seeing a big change. Car tuners and modifiers are sprouting up across the country, and more modified rides are doing the rounds of the roads here. We’ve already served up 7 parts of India’s Best Modified Cars. Here’s the 8th edition.

Chevrolet Cruze Custom

Chevrolet Cruze Custom 1

[Images courtesy ModifiedRides on Facebook]

The Chevrolet Cruze we have here is a custom job, and a damn good looking one at that. This Cruze will have no trouble starring in the next edition of the Transformers. Such is the meanness quotient. The hood gets extra sculpting, along with revisions to the bumper, headlamps and grille. A snarly front is the result. The car is painted a vivid red even as the changes carry over to the rear too.

Honda City Type II Psychedelic

Honda City Psy 1

[Images courtesy QuarterMile]

It takes a lot to pull off a psychedelic shade of green. This Honda City Type II, which belongs to Rahul Menon has pulled it off, and in style. Just look at the stance of this car. Low and purposeful, this car moves even while standing still. The party trick here is the electric blue GT stripe that runs across the length of this custom ride, and then there’s the same colour adorning the alloy wheels.

Fiat Punto 1.2 goes Abarth

Abarth Fiat Punto 2

[Images courtesy Team-BHP]

Fiat’s lost the timeless Giugiaro lines on the Punto forever. While the Evo model is what you and me can buy brand new from a Fiat showroom, the older classic Punto lives on in enthusiast garages. Here’s one, which has received the Abarth treatment on the outside. From the alloy wheels she wears to the Abarth badging and perfectly placed decals, this Punto’s a classic Giugiaro design. Now, imagine an Abarth turbo petrol motor inside this steed.

Maruti 800 Low Rider

Maruti 800 Low Rider 3

[Images courtesy Modified.Rides on Facebook]

India’s people car went from facelift to facelift for the best part of 30 years, even as the overall shape remains instantly recognizable. Almost anodyne, nobody really takes a second look at a Maruti 800, except perhaps if it’s an early SS80 model with the VW Golf lines. Then you have this show stopper, which sits low to the ground. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, this Maruti 800 is a low rider that wears white sneakers to the party.

High Voltage Honda Civic

Electric Honda Civic 2

[Images courtesy Team-BHP]

The long, low slung Honda Civic was a looker even stock out of the factory. This one here is a stunner, what with the electric blue wrap doing half the magic. Monotony is what every car designer seeks to banish, with timelessness being the ever-elusive end. A custom black hood is what this electric blue Honda Civic adorns, in the process becoming a lovelier design. You’ve got other bits such as alloy wheels, smoked head and tail lamps, a body kit, etc, but it’s this design detail that makes this Civic live, and breathe. They say, god is in the details. They’ve said right.