India’s Best Modified Cars – Part XI

We’ve run through 10 editions of India’s Best Modified cars, where we profile 5 interesting car modifications from across the country. Today, we have the 11th edition of this series here.

Lap 47’s Race Edition Volkswagen Polo

Lap 47 Performance Studio's Volkswagen Polo Race Edition 1

[Images courtesy Lap 47 Performance Studio on Facebook]

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most proportionate looking hatchbacks sold in the country, and is a modder’s favourite. Lap 47 Performance Studio from Kerala has given the 1.5 liter TDI turbo diesel engined Polo GT a custom wrap, a new exhaust system that sounds sportier and also various visual modifications. The GTI badging up front, the honeycomb grille and the red highlights are the other modifications. This car sits lower and rides on 17 inch alloy wheels and low profile tyres.

Lap 47 Performance Studio's Volkswagen Polo Race Edition 2

UrbanR’s Honda Civic

UrbanR's Honda Civic Custom 1

[Images courtesy QuarterMile]

Ajay Verghese, who runs a car customizing outfit called UrbanR owns this modified Honda Civic. As the images indicate, this car actual carbon fiber on a lot of parts, and that’s something rare even in the world of modified cars. This car features plenty of body parts from J’s Racing, a car custom outfit from Japan.

UrbanR's Honda Civic Custom 4

Designed to mimic the Type-R Civic, this car sits lower than the stock Civic courtesy lowering springs from Vogtland. Performance modifications are limited to a free flow exhaust sourced from Red Rooster Performance, while the interiors get a once over with black leather done up in contrast stitching.

Design Energized’s Honda Brio

Design Energized's JDM Honda Brio 5

[Images courtesy Design Energized on Facebook]

The Honda Brio is a pocket rocket, and is one of the fastest cars that an enthusiast can buy in India for under 5 lakh rupees. One of the few cars that look very good in red, this Brio has received many custom bits from Design Energized.

Design Energized's JDM Honda Brio 3


The car gets a customized front bumper and a meshed grill that’s finished in black. The alloy wheels get a custom paint finish. Black bumper lips at the front and rear, and the roof spoiler round off the changes. This car also features a sun roof and a free flow exhaust.

Nissan Micra by Autologue Design

Autologue Design's Nissan Micra with wide body kit

[Image courtesy Autologue Design]

Autologue Designs of Pune make a bunch of add on kits for motorcycles and cars. The wide body kit for the Nissan Micra is one such kit that’s put together by the outfit. This bolt on kit makes the Micra look quite aggressive, which is much at odds with the stock car’s smiley face. The kit adds a new bumper, wedges to the car’s flanks, side skirts and a new rear bumper. The cost of this kit is 45,000 rupees. And the kit works best with a Micra finished with a matte black wrap.

KS Motorsports’ 280 Bhp Hindustan Ambassador

KS Motorsports' 280 Bhp Hindustan Ambassador 1

[Images courtesy KS Motorsports on Facebook]

Finished in red, with tasty looking alloy wheels shod with wider rubber, this Hindustan Ambassador is quite the looker. But the real action is under the hood, where 280 horses sit, waiting to be unleashed. An Ambassador with 280 Bhp? Well, that’s what KS Motorsports of Bombay have out together. Custom suspension and upgraded brakes are two critical bits that this modified Ambassador gets. From the outside though, you’re looking at a sleeper that will surprise a lot of people when the lights turn green.