India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I

Skoda cars look understated yet stately. Most people modifying Skoda cars in India prefer to tinker under the hood or with the suspension rather than messing with the European lines of their cars. Some though choose to marry looks with performance, often to stunning effect. Here’s part I of India’s best modified Skodas.

240 Bhp Skoda Octavia vRS

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I

[Images courtesy QuarterMile]

This Skoda Octavia vRS looks fast, and goes faster. Roll-on timings is what this car is kitted out to demolish. A very punchy mid range is courtesy the remapped 1.8 liter turbocharged petrol engine and an tweaked turbocharger that now operates at 25 PSI.

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I

The result is 240 Czech horses that come into their own in the middle of the rev band, giving this Octavia plenty of poke when the right foot goes into stomp mode. Visually too, this Octavia vRS is a fetching looker, with 18 inch Borbet rims, H&R cup suspension that can be lowered, leather interiors and a full blown audio set up.

Motormind’s Wrapped Skoda Laura


[Images courtesy Motormind on Facebook]

A good wrap job can transform a car’s looks. Here’s proof. Motormind Designs of Bangalore has given the Skoda Laura a matte red wrap, and prominent GT lines. The result is a fetching looking car that will attract more than a fair share of gawkers on the street.

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I


The alloy wheels gets a contrast grey shade, and so is the case with the wing mirrors. Motormind’s work with the Skoda Laura just goes on to show how much difference a good paint/wrap job can make to a car’s looks.

Pete’s Skoda Fabia 1.6

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I

Peter Chacko of Pete’s has worked his magic on this Skoda Fabia 1.6. The result is a car that’s quite the looker, along with performance that will run rings around most hatchbacks and sedans sold in India. This Pete’s modified Fabia 1.6 gets a remap and an Automech exhaust, to boost power to 125 Bhp, which is about 20 % more than stock.

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I


Bilstein B6 suspension ensures that the Fabia 1.6 sticks to tarmac like a leech. A Monte Carlo body kit sourced from Europe, revised alloy wheels and projector headlamps that get blacked out give the car a very nice stance.

Via GearHeads

DC Design’s Skoda Rapid

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I

[Images courtesy DC Design Kolkata on Facebook]

The stock Skoda Rapid’s interiors can be termed as high quality and hard wearing, the kind of stuff that’ll last a couple of decades and still manage to look and feel classy. When DC Design’s interior wizards come to the party, the Rapid’s innards are rapidly transformed into what can only be termed extremely opulent.

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I


The 5 seat sedan becomes a four seater, and in the process giving the back seat passenger an airline-like first class seat. Meant for those like to be chauffeuered around, the DC Design Skoda Rapid is an airline on wheels.

Pete’s Skoda Octavia vRS

India’s Best Modified Skoda Cars – Part I

[Images courtesy Pete’s]

A matte wrap in grey makes a car look mean. This is exactly what this Pete’s tuned Skoda Laura features, apart from a slew of cosmetic and mechanical upgrades. The car rides on Bilstein suspension and features H&R spacers to fit the lovely looking alloy wheels.


The stock turbocharger of the 1.8 TSI petrol motor gets replaced by a hybrid unit while the brakes get an upgrade to Tarox units to handle the extra boost. A Milltek exhaust completes the equipment boost on this sinister looking Octavia vRS.

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