India's best modified SUVs

India’s best modified SUVs

SUVs have a striking road presence. These hefty heavy vehicles catch a lot of attention on the road and are liked by people for their massive body structures. A tastefully modified SUV can steal all the attention on the road even while sharing the road with more expensive vehicles. Here are 5 examples of tastefully modified SUVs in India.

Tata Safari


The Safari has been around for a long time. Everyone knows how the car looks but it still gets looks when it passes on road. To make the Safari even more brutish, this owner has added some off-road accessories to the SUV. The paint scheme of the Safari has been changed to two-tone colours with all the pillars getting painted in black along with the roof.


The hood gets a black stone deflector and the auxiliary lights are installed directly on the bumper of the car instead of putting a bull-bar, which really kills the look of a vehicle. The headlamps of the car have been masked with black skin to give it a sleeker look. It also gets off-road spec rims and mud terrain tyres with lifted suspensions. There is also a snorkel adding to the muscular looks.

Ford EcoSport


Even though the EcoSport is a compact SUV, it has a very good road presence. The EcoSport we see here has been modified very tastefully to increase that road presence even more. The black EcoSport gets a very sublime red coloured grilled at front. On either sides of the grille, the EcoSport gets smoked projector headlamps. The front air diffuser gets the Ford branding branding and the fog lamps are now bright LEDs.


The bumper has been modified to give a more aggressive look while the tyres have been upsized with chrome alloys that give a meaty  look to the whole package. The roof gets an all-black carrier with convex mirrors on the hood. The interiors of the car have been modified too. It gets yellow themed interiors with brown leather seats. There are huge speaker system in the boot too.

Isuzu V-Cross


The V-Cross is the latest badass looking vehicle in the market. The pick-up styled premium off-roader looks intimidating even in the stock form. The V-Cross has received a cosmetic surgery from the well-known model, AutoPsyche. The car has been lifted with modified ironman suspensions.


It also gets massive off-road 16X10j tyres and mud terrain tyres. At front, the car gets modified bumpers with front splitter. The car also gets dual racing stripes on the hood. That’s not all, the V-Cross gets an ECU remap for more power and torque.

Mahindra Bolero


The sharp angular looks of the Bolero makes it a good looking vehicle structure wise but low cost of the vehicle does not allow Mahindra to make it look any better. The vehicle has a lot of modification possibilities and this example here shows that perfectly.

The body of the car has been carved out to form a pick-up body style. The front-end gets a minimalistic bull bar with a winch installed on the bumper. The exterior gets orange highlights on the wheels, and the ORVMs. The doors get added added layer of sheet for rugged looks. The suspensions are modified to lift the car and the tyres are huge mud terrain tyres. There is also a snorkel adding to the extensive muscular looks of the vehicle.

Jonga Jeep


The beast of an SUV, Jonga Jeep is the Nissan Patrol 60 SUV that was used by army extensively. The Jonga Jeep is a rare sight in India. The one shown here is an excellently restored example for the SUV. Restored by SD Offroaders Nakodar, the Jonga receives a matte finished light brown desert colour on the body.


The bumper has been updated with off-road specific front bumper. The rugged looks are taken to next level with headlamp protectors. Furthermore, the Jonga has been lifted with custom suspensions and huge Hankook branded mud terrain tyres. The interiors are also nicely updated with new seat covers and a restored dashboard.

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