India’s BEST Royal Enfield to Harley-Davidson replica motorcycle: This is IT! [Video]

Most of you would have seen several Royal Enfield-based custom motorcycles that have more than a passing resemblance with a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. The modified Royal Enfield Electra we have on this page, however, looks almost exactly like the real deal. Basically, the following video shows how a bone-stock RE Electra has been converted into a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy replica. This modification has been executed by Delhi-based GM Customs.

As explained in the video, the first step in the modification process was to strip the motorcycle completely. Even the front forks were removed and only the engine, rear shock absorbers, rear wheel, and the frame were left. Next, the Royal Enfield was given a set of new wheels shod with wider tires. A custom swingarm was put in place to extend the wheelbase. The motorcycle also got a set of beefier front forks and an extended rake angle for the front suspension. Next, the front and rear fenders were installed. Also, the motorcycle was given disc brakes at both the ends. The twin rear shock absorbers were replaced with a monoshock. Suitable modifications were made to the frame to accommodate the new bodywork.

A custom fuel tank was installed. The new teardrop fuel tank looks a lot like the one on the real Fat Boy. The motorcycle also receives a new headlight, new side panels, and a custom engine cover that tries to mimic a V-twin motor in terms of appearance. Next, a slim, low-set seat was installed. The original exhaust has been replaced with a faux twin-exhaust setup. Of course, one of the two pipes isn’t connected to the engine and is there purely for cosmetic purposes. Finally, some more minor visual tweaks were made and the entire motorcycle was given a custom paint scheme.


As can be seen towards the end of the video, this Royal Enfield Electra looks absolutely nothing like what it used to be. Instead, it can easily be mistaken for a Harley-Davidson Fat Boy, which is one of the most well-sorted American cruiser motorcycles on sale today. The modification has been executed so well that only the most trained eyes will be able to notice the disparities between the original Fat Boy and this RE-based replica.

Video source- Abhishek Kalsulkar on Youtube