India’s car thieves are turning luxury cars into generators for farmers!

Wondering what happens to a high-end luxury car that’s stolen by Indian car thieves? Well, these cars end up being dismantled into parts, and being put into a variety of innovative uses. One such use is to build power generators. Farmers in rural India are now using generators that are based on the engines of stolen luxury cars.

Car Thief 1

These generators are being used to pump water for irrigation or for powering household electrical devices. But how the thieves manage to steal luxury cars in the first place, ones that are fitted with engine immobilizers and other security gadgets such as GPS tracking modules.

Here is how car thieves are bypassing high-end security systems of luxury cars:

  1. The car thief finds a job in a service center or colludes with an employee of the service center.
  2. The engine-key data combination is stolen.
  3. The data is used to run a program in the laptop that builds the master key combination.
  4. The laptop is connected to the OBD ports of high end cars to start the engine.
  5. One the car is stolen, it generally gets dismantled and sold in parts. Once stolen, the chances of the car being recovered by the cops is just 5 %.

Car Thief 2

Meanwhile, car thieves now find and disconnect GPS based tracking modules. GPS modules are the latest anti-theft devices used on cars. These devices help track a car in real-time, and even send break-in notifications in case of high end models. However, thieves seem to have already found a way to identify and disconnect these devices.

Why are luxury car engines used as generators?

Car Thief 3

Demand for luxury car spare parts is lower than that of mass market cars. So, dismantling the luxury car’s engine and selling the parts as spares is not lucrative enough. Instead, these engines can be used as generators in rural areas, where the penetration of law enforcement is minimal to non-existent. Also, many rural parts of the country still suffer from long power curs, making such generators redundant.

Via DailyMail