India's Crazily Modified SUVs

India’s Crazily Modified SUVs

Snapshot – SUVs get more eyeballs anyway, with generously chromed parts all around and hefty frames. A modified SUV only amplifies the eyeballs garnered. Here are six crazily modified SUVs that represent one of wildest off road rides created. Some even have actual off road cred.

Mahindra Thar 6X6

Mahindra Thar 6X6 1

SD Offroaders Nakoda has put together a Mahindra Thar 6X6, deriving inspiration from the Mercedes Benz G63AMG 6X6. While the Thar 6X6 might not match the off road oriented G63 AMG 6X6 in terms performance off the road, the India built custom does have major crowd pulling abilities, of the figurative kind. The Thar 6X6 also benefits from a longer wheelbase, which translates into better interior room for the passengers. Also, the twin cab design looks rather good on the off roader. We wonder is Mahindra could take heart and build a Thar 6X6 too.

Kishan Lohiya’s Mahindra Scorpio

Kishan Lohiya's Mahindra Scorpio 2

The Scorpio is an SUV with big presence and whose looks scare more than attract. Kishan Lohiya has added a meatier moustache to the Scorpio with a slew of modifications. The Scorpio gets a headlamp heavy front fascia that has been made to look more stealthy and sinister. The SUV sits even taller, on 36 inch tyres shod on 16 inch rims. The axles have been extended and the fenders, redesigned to house the taller tyres. The Scorpio has a modified body that gives it a dual cab pick up truck design. The spare tyre, in true blue SUV style sits on the tail gate.

Kishan Lohiya's Mahindra Scorpio


Mahindra XUV500 with Tractor Wheels

Mahindra XUV500 Intrepid 1

Zubair Abdullah of Hot Zone Racing Technology, Bangalore, has modified an XUV500 to make it look like a tractor with an XUV500’s body. The vehicle in question gets massive tractor tyres that can plough fields for you. The front fascia is modified and the owner simply can’t enough of DRLs, which are liberally peppered across multiple points at front and the rear. Off road paraphernalia such as a winch, a contraption that looks like a roll cage and a snorkel have been added. All in all, this XUV500 dubbed the Intrepid is a monster on wheels.


Force Motors’ RFC Challenge Gurkha

Force Gurkha customized for the RFC

Force Motors won the inaugural India edition of the Rain Forest Challenge in 2014. The factory backed team entered the fray with a slew of Gurkha off roaders. The Gurkhas modified thus features a 2.2 liter turbo diesel engine borrowed from the Force One and that generates 140 Bhp-320 Nm. The engine is only one of the many big modifications. For instance, the tractor of this off roader is a more effective unit from the Balwan tractor. Electronic differential lock, knobblies, and longer struts are the other changes to make the Gurkha a force to reckon with off road.

Sumeer Tandon’s Monster Gypsy

Sumeer Tandon's Monster Maruti Gypsy 2

Sumeer Tandon has modified the Maruti Suzuki Gypsy suitably enough to earn the vehicle the Monster sobriquet. The Gypsy Monster looks mean but is also kitted to deliver stunning off road performance. The engine gets a 1.6 liter petrol unit from the Baleno, and power is boosted close to 89 Bhp, and torque about 20 % more than the stock 130 Nm number. Locking front and rear differentials, a beefed up clutch, a power steering, modified leaf spring suspension, larger axles and crawler gears are the other off roading modifications. In terms of looks, the minimalist design gives this off roader an dose of menace.

Monstharr Mahindra Thar

GS Customs' Mahindra Thar based Monstharr 1

Pune based GS Customs has fashioned out a Monstharr from a Mahindra Thar. From a new body kit and wider tractor tyres, the looks of the stock Thar have been beefed up with multiple roll bars and a mean grey and orange paint job. The vehicle may not be able to achieve much off the road, but in terms of sheer street presence and shock value, this custom vehicle has it all covered.