India’s FASTEST Honda Civic makes 450 Bhp [Video]

Honda Civic has been one of the absolute favourite car among the enthusiasts and modifying circle. There are a lot of modified examples of last gen Honda Civic in the country and we have featured several modified Civics on our website in the past. Here we have another Civic that has been modified extensively by Race Concepts, which is said to be the fastest and the most powerful one in the country.

The video has been uploaded on Race Concepts youtube channel. Just like other Civics that we have seen in the past, it gets a host of modification on the outside. It gets a wild looking body kit, sporty looking alloy wheels, spoiler and a mad paint job. The whole car gets a stealth black finish to the exterior. The headlamps are aftermarket units and all the chrome elements on the car has been blacked out.

The front and the rear get quick release bumper clips and the bonnet gets a scoop for better air intake. What makes this Honda Civic special is the changes that are made under the hood or bonnet. The engine remains the same but, it now comes with a Garrett G-series turbocharger with front mounted intercooler, custom plumbing and external wastegate.

India’s FASTEST Honda Civic makes 450 Bhp [Video]

The internals are fully forged and engineered by Race Concepts. They have also installed a cold air intake system. Other changes include, high flow fuel injectors, Stage 4 clutch, fully adjustable coilovers from Race Concept, drilled and vented brake rotors and performance brake lines. Another modification that this Civic gets is a full system stainless steel exhaust from Race Concept that generates a very sweet sound.

All these modification has improved the performance of Honda Civic by a lot. This example seen in the video now generates a maximum of 450 BHp at the crank and a little over 402 BHp at the wheels. That is a huge jump in terms of power especially when comparing it with the stock car. The stock Honda Civic with a 1.8 litre i-VTEC petrol engine used to generate around 130 Bhp and 171 Nm of torque only. This is without any doubt one of the most loved cars among car enthusiasts and are available at a very cheap price in the used car markets. The Race Concept modified version with its look and power can easily give some sportscars a run for their money.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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