India’s fastest Maruti Ignis: This is IT [Video]

Maruti Suzuki Ignis is a good looking, small hatchback with tall boy design. It had an unconventional design that made it stand out and from rest of the cars in the segment. Maruti Suzuki Ignis is again a small car that has a huge fan base because of the customisation options available in the market. We have seen examples of some tastefully modified Ignis from around the country in the past. Here we feature one such Ignis on our website that can be called as India’s fastest Ignis. How fast is it? Let’s find that out by having a quick look at the video.

The video has been uploaded by Rahul Singh  on his youtube channel and the car belongs to Achintya. The Ignis used here is a sigma model which is the base trim. From the outside, Ignis looks in stock condition, there are no additions made to the exterior apart from those sporty looking alloys, hood locks and some of the stickers on the side of the car.

What makes it the fastest Ignis then?. Well, a stock petrol Ignis gets a 1.2L engine whereas this Ignis that we have here in the video gets a 1.4L petrol engine. The owner of this car uses this car for various autocross and other race events and has done modifications accordingly. The ECU, wiring, air intake everything remains the same except the 1400-cc block. As per the video this upgrade was done through an authorised Maruti Suzuki service centre only.

India’s fastest Maruti Ignis: This is IT [Video]

The conversion has also also bumped up the power of the car. The Ignis now produces around 99-100 Bhp from the crank. It can do 0-100 kmph in just under 10 seconds. Exact timing recorded on a VBOX is 9.85 seconds which is commendable for a car in this segment. Video then shows the exhaust setup, the exhaust muffler has been specifically made for Ignis and is imported from Japan.

The exhaust note of this Ignis is very loud and has that crackling sound at higher revvs which sounds pretty sporty. The suspension set up has also been changed. They now sit low in comparison to the stock Ignis. The Ignis gets coilovers from RSR Japan which is fully adjustable in terms of height and damping. On the inside the Ignis gets a circuit breaker switch in place of the infotainment system and a fire extinguisher to meet the safety norms of various race events the owner participates in.

Ignis is the entry level offering in Nexa line up. The Ignis is likely to get an update later this year. Images of an updated International-spec Ignis has already leaked online and is likely to carry similar updates when launched in India.