India’s fastest Skoda Laura makes 500 Bhp and is the first in the country to feature all wheel drive [Video]

india's fastest tuned skoda laura sedan

The number of automotive enthusiasts in the country is rising at a rapid pace, and every passing day brings more new custom-built cars to the streets. Recently, a video of what we believe is one of the fastest Skoda Laura cars in the country has been shared online. The video showcases a fully upgraded and modified Skoda Laura that boasts numerous performance enhancements. The car looks incredibly menacing, and every part of it has been replaced with performance-oriented components. According to the video, this Skoda Laura produces over 500 horsepower.

The YouTube channel The Drivers Hub shared the video of this insane Skoda Laura. The video begins with the presenter introducing this fully built stage 4 Skoda Laura. He claims that this particular car is the fastest Skoda Laura in the entire country and also the first one with an AWD drive system. After the introduction, the video displays some amazing B-roll footage of the car from the exterior.

Next, the presenter showcases the rear of the sedan and describes it as nothing short of a race car. He mentions that the rear boot lid of the car has been made out of fiberglass to reduce weight. Additionally, the car features a dual exhaust custom-built by Borla. The presenter then reveals that the car is equipped with 18-inch staggered alloy wheels and Brembo 6-piston brake calipers sourced from a Lamborghini. He adds that these calipers have been finished in red to match the car’s appearance. The presenter also highlights that the front bonnet, like the rear, is made of fiberglass and secured with custom hood pins. Furthermore, a custom front bumper has been installed.

India’s fastest Skoda Laura makes 500 Bhp and is the first in the country to feature all wheel drive [Video]

The presenter proceeds to open the bonnet by releasing the hood pins and begins listing the extensive list of modifications and upgrades done to this car. He mentions that the engine has been fully built to deliver an astonishing 500 horsepower. Then, he enumerates the upgrades, including upgraded stainless steel brake lines, Bilstein B14 track suspension, a forge blow-off valve, a full custom exhaust with Borla end cans and no catalytic converters, and custom-made downpipes.

Additionally, he mentions that the car features custom 3-inch piping for the open-face filter, an upgraded Audi RS3 intercooler, Audi R8 coil packs, a Stage 3 map and DRLs from Octavia VRS, forged pistons, forged rods, and a ZF SACHS Performance racing clutch. The presenter emphasizes that the car’s interior is fully racecar-inspired, with the rear seats removed and an FIA-spec roll cage installed. Furthermore, the car is equipped with custom Sparco racing seats and a 4-point harness, just like a racecar.

The presenter then takes a seat inside the car, showcasing the interior. He explains that the entire infotainment system has been removed, and instead, controls for the engine, AWD system, and exhaust have been added. He starts the car, takes it for a spin, and is instantly amazed by the sheer power it possesses. The presenter states that the car is thrilling to drive, and the level of power and grip it offers is exceptional.