India’s fastest stuntman casually breaks laws on a Royal Enfield motorcycle on public roads [VIDEO]

Ravinder Singh, who is fondly known as Ravi Patiala, is widely known for his mind-boggling, physics-defying and totally unbelievable stunts on a Royal Enfield motorcycle. He holds a Limca World Record for riding his Royal Enfield motorcycle non-stop while standing on it, and, of course, without holding the handlebar. He rode 54.3 kms on the Patiala to Sangrur road for a duration of 40 minutes and 12 seconds. Today, we have a video where this braveheart talks about his passion –

Ravi’s stunts came into the limelight over 15 years ago. The stuntman has been impressing the entire country with his crazy stunts ever since. He says that he has been doing all this since his childhood but realized it much later that it’s all classified under ‘motorcycle stunt riding’. He became a professional motorcycle stuntman after his stunts came into the limelight and helped him become famous. Ravi Patiala even says that he learnt the stunt riding all by himself without anyone’s help. It’s worth mentioning here that while most of the motorcycle stuntmen use lighter motorcycles, Ravi has always used a Royal Enfield model, which is among the heaviest Indian motorcycles around. Ravi doesn’t look at other motorcycle stunt riders for inspiration. While most other stunt riders display their skills through variations of a wheelie or a stoppie, Ravi has his own ways of displaying his skills.

India’s fastest stuntman casually breaks laws on a Royal Enfield motorcycle on public roads [VIDEO]

For example, he can stand on his speeding motorcycle and perform dance moves for many kilometres! He can even lie down or sit cross-legged and read a newspaper while riding a motorcycle. All his stunts are carried out at speeds of 80 to 100 kmph. He says he doesn’t feel it’s any good to perform stunts at 30-40 kmph. Performing them at 80-100 kmph is what really satisfies him.

The video does casually mention the dangers of performing such stunts on a public road. However, Ravi practices these stunts every day to make sure their execution is perfect and safe. He says balancing a motorcycle is the result of perfect coordination between the brain and the eyes. Even a minute of distraction can prove fatal. His most dangerous stunt includes him climbing to the top of a ladder while his motorcycle stays in motion all this while!

We acknowledge and respect the really great skills of this man. However, we can’t help but frown upon the fact that these stunts are being executed on a public road. And that a reputed TV channel broadcast such activities. Not only is this dangerous for Ravi but also for other road users. Moreover, Ravi performs all his stunts without using any kind of safety gear. Like we said, we do acknowledge this man’s great stunt riding skills, but safety and setting an example of safety are of paramount importance.

He could have set a better example by using full safety gear and not performing on public roads. Also, the video channel that has posted this video should have at least warned the viewers to not try these stunts without any expert guidance.

Video Courtesy – History India TV on Youtube