India’s FASTEST Tata Harrier makes 225 Bhp

Tata Motors updated the Harrier last year and it has been selling in good numbers and the owners are also pretty happy. The SUV’s design is what’s the first thing that strikes to the customer and the Harrier looks very attractive and butch. Thanks to its Impact 2.0 design language. The performance from the diesel engine is also healthy after Tata launched the Harrier 2020 which produced 170 PS as compared to 140 PS from the previous model. However, some people have upgraded the engine to produce a 225 bhp from the Harrier!

The video is uploaded by Nick Zeek on his YouTube channel. The video gives us details about the modified SUV. The vehicle that we see in the video is the Dark Edition of the Tata Harrier. It is the XT+ variant and this used to be the loudest Harrier earlier. However, now it is also the fastest Harrier. The owner of this vehicle is Shubham Bagul.

The tuning on the Harrier was done by Code6 Tuning. The stock red line has been increased to 6,000 rpm. The tune has been specifically made for the Harrier only. The driver has been able to hit a top speed of 215 kmph. The owner says that the engine used to run out of steam after 140 or 150 kmph. However, now the engine feels a lot more responsive and does not run out of steam.

India’s FASTEST Tata Harrier makes 225 Bhp

The stock Harrier produces 170 PS of max power and 350 Nm of peak torque. However, after the Stage 1 tune the engine produces 228 PS of max power and a peak torque output of 470 Nm. That is a gain of 57 bhp and 120 Nm. The engine has been tuned in such a way that the power comes in after 1,800 rpm. India’s FASTEST Tata Harrier makes 225 BhpSo, if you drive under 1,800 rpm you can extract a good fuel efficiency from the engine and once you cross that 1,800 rpm mark that is when your turbocharger kicks in and the engine starts producing its power. There are no mechanical changes being made to the SUV. Only the ECU has been remapped so that it can run on its full potential. Also, the air filter has been changed for an after-market one so that the engine can breathe better.


The owner says that there can be a disadvantage to this mod as the engine is now working harder. So, there is a chance of higher wear and tear if you keep pushing the engine. So, the parts need to changed more frequently. The cost that the owner paid for remapping was Rs. 32,000. The air filter cost him Rs. 8,000. His SUV also weighs around 200 kgs more than the stock Harrier because he has installed a bunch of audio mods. The owner is quite happy with the tune as he was doubtful that after an increase of 200 kgs, the SUV would feel sluggish and he won’t be able to notice the power gain. However, that is not the case.