India's FASTEST Volkswagen Polo & Polo GTI are here!

India’s FASTEST Volkswagen Polo & Polo GTI are here!

Cars from the Volkswagen Group are quite a hit among all those who take the performance mods route. Thanks to their powerful engines, sorted dynamics, and easy availability of aftermarket parts online, cars like the Laura, Octavia, and even the Vento have been a hot favourite amongst both driving enthusiasts and customisers. However, today our focus is on these two Polo hatchbacks from Etuners Motorsports India, which can proudly claim to be the fastest of their kinds in the entire country.

At the recently conducted round of ‘The Valley Run’, both these cars excelled in the quarter mile drag races. The tuned Polo was placed 3rd in the Indian open category, where it clocked a time of 13.7 seconds in the practice run and 13.8 seconds in the final run. These times make it the fastest Polo in the entire country.

The modified Polo GTI, on the other hand, bagged the first prize by clocking a quarter mile time of 13.3 seconds. The GTI ran on a stock intake and catback exhaust. The GTI managed to outclass cars like a stage 2 mk3 Octavia vRS, Porsche Cayman, and even a drag-spec Laura with a KO4 turbo. Also, this is the quickest time for any FWD car that has participated in this event.


The modified Volkswagen Polo gets its juice from a first-gen 1.8 TSI engine. The K03 turbo has been replaced with an IHI KO3S. The new turbo helps increase the power output by at least 40 WHP. This Polo also gets an Etuners Motorsport Stage 3 ECU remap.

Overall, the car offers as much as 250 WHP along with a peak torque of 370 Nm.The GTI gets an IS20 turbo along with a Stage 3 ECU remap for running on 97-octane petrol. It also gets an Etuners Motorsport Stage 3 tune for the DQ200 gearbox. The transmission can now handle up to 400 Nm of torque. There’s also a new Airtec Intercooler, Denso IHK24 spark plugs, and a de-cat downpipe.

These mods help the car output 270 WHP and 370 Nm. All these mods also make these two cars the FASTEST Volkswagen Polo and Polo GTI in the country.