India’s first 3 seater SUV costs over a crore: We explain!

Volvo India will soon launch a uber-luxurious 3-seater version of the Volvo XC90 in the Indian market. Known as the XC90 Excellence, the SUV only gets three seats. It will become India’s only three-seater car when launched. It should be noted that Volvo has not made any official announcement on the launch of the 3-seater XC90 yet and this article has been done on speculation. It is quite possible that the car seen in the video is a private import.

The Volvo XC90 Excellence three-seater version offers two rear seats and a single seat in the front row for the driver. Most of the co-driver seats in chauffeur-driven vehicles remain empty. Volvo has put a versatile box that can be used in various different ways. The box can be used to store things like shoes. There are cabinets on the outside to store small items securely. There is also a screen that becomes a workstation table and can flip to become a screen too. The box can also bring out space to keep the feet of the rear passenger and relax. It is not a full bed but is as close it can get. The lounge seat is luxurious than many high-end vehicles for sure.

Even the passenger seat behind the driver gets a foldable work station, similar to the ones we see in airlines. The car gets beautiful ambient lighting all around and a mini fridge behind the rear armrest. There is also space to keep wine glasses in the rear. It sure is a smart designing and would be appreciated by the chauffeur-driven car owners who like to work or relax on the move. The rear seats get heating function and are electrically adjustable and movable. In fact, the front screen is also electrically powered.

Volvo Xc90 Excellence 1

The Volvo XC90 Excellence has already arrived in India and the launch is expected to happen soon. According to a new law, imported vehicles selling below 2,500 units per annum do not require homologation. It will allow a lot of manufacturers to bring in their low-volume niche products like the Volvo XC90 three-seater. Currently, Volvo offers the XC90 is various configurations in India. There are R-Design and regular variants powered by petrol and diesel engine options. Volvo also offers a hybrid Excellence variant in the Indian market, which is priced at Rs. 1.3 crores. The three-seater version is expected to be priced at around the same price.

The XC 90 Excellence three-seater will also be powered by the same hybrid-setup as the regular 4-seater car. It is powered by a 2.0-litre supercharged, 4-cylinder petrol engine. It develops a maximum power of 315 Bhp and 400 nm of peak torque. The electric hybrid system adds another 86 Bhp and 240 Nm to give a combined output of 40 Bhp and 640 Nm. The power is sent to all the four wheels through an 8-speed automatic transmission. It will be completely built unit (CBU) imported to the Indian market just the like Excellence Hybrid model.