India’s first ‘Atmanirbhar’ petrol bunk in Pune allows customers to refuel vehicle by themselves [Video]

COVID-19 has changed a lot of things in our country. We have less traffic on roads, schools and other educational institutions have online classes, and even the whole experience of buying a car or any other vehicle has also changed as almost every manufacturer is now encouraging sales via online platforms which helps customer maintain social distancing and contain the spread of virus. In Pune, a petrol pump has taken has now started a new trend where customers themselves can refuel their vehicles without waiting for fuel pump attendants.

This petrol pump is now known as Atmanirbhar petrol pump or ‘self-reliant’ petrol pump. Normally, a customer when he enters a petrol station, he or she will have wait for the fuel pump attendant to refuel the vehicle. But with this new scheme at place, the customer can simply drive or ride into the petrol station and simply refuel the vehicle, all by herself/himself.

All the instructions regarding refuelling are written on a board next to filling station and customers can easily refuel by reading it. This initiative was started by RTO Chowk petrol pump in Pune and the main reason behind this is to contain the spread. Everytime a customer enters the petrol pump, he or she is given sanitiser and a staff then instructs about the whole process on how to refuel the vehicle. Same instructions are also written on a board next to the station.

Apart from maintaining social distancing, this experiment by the petrol pump owner will create more transparency and trust among customers as this process ensures that right amount of fuel is filled in the vehicle. This is a one of a kind experience and the customers are responding well to it. In many countries, this trend is already followed and they don’t really have any fuel station attendents to refuel.

Given, the fact that the number of cases reported in our country is increasing everyday, there is an urgent need for such measures at public places which are open now. This has been a very successful experiment and we expect the same trend to be expanded to other petrol stations across the country in coming days. So, the next time you go to fill up, you’ll know what to do.