India’s first Batmobile Tumbler is built by students: Looks totally WILD [Video]

Batmobile is regarded as the ultimate superhero car in the DC Comics Universe. The indestructible Batmobile has featured in many movies and with every new movie, the vehicle only becomes more aggressive looking. Batmobile is a fantasy thing just like the superheroes but there are many who would love to experience the life of a superhero! There are many replica Batmobiles around the world. In India, a group of students have made a replica of the latest Batmobile and it looks insane!

Batmobile on Mahindra Xylo

The Batmobile seen in the pictures is made by a group of students of Zeal Education Institute, Pune. The project is funded by the college and is made from scratch by a group of students. The Batmobile looks quite realistic in the videos and it gets all the bling on the outside too.

Talking about the vehicle itself, everything has been made by the in-house team including the roll cage of the vehicle. To start with, the students first made a scale model of the Batmobile, which was used as a reference to make the life-size model of the Batmobile. The project took around 50 days to complete, which is a very short time for such a project. The total cost? According to the video, it took only Rs 3.58 lakhs for the whole project.

Batmobile Tumbler Featured

The Batmobile itself looks like an alien pod with sharp design all around. It gets an all-black paint job, just like Batman wanted in the movie. The windscreen is also all-black and the body gets a layered design, which looks extremely eye-catchy. Interestingly, the windscreen is opaque and does not lets the driver see outside the car! At the front, it gets four tyres mounted on two single-sided swingarms, which is identical to the Batmobile in the movie. At the rear, the vehicle gets a huge faux jet-propulsion system and huge four-tyres. There’s also a wing mounted on the rear.

Everything in the car, including the roll cage, which will save the occupants in case the vehicle flips over is made in-house by the students. The doors are gullwing styled, which open up to reveal the really busy cabin. There is a space for two inside the vehicle and just above the steering wheel, a huge screen is mounted. Since Batman needs extreme privacy, there are no windows or transparent windshield. Instead, cameras have been mounted all around the car that projects live feed to the screen.

There are a lot of parts used in this vehicle from the Mahindra Xylo MPV. The powerhouse in this Batmobile comes from the Xylo too. The 2.6-litre diesel engine sits in the front of the Batmobile. Other crucial parts like the transmission and the prop shaft also come from the Xylo. According to the video, the Batmobile can reach a top speed of 125 km/h, which is much slower than the original Batmobile standards but is quick enough for the Indian roads.

The team of students showcased their vehicle and said in an interview that they will get the product certified by ARAI. After receiving the certification, the teams are planning to make more examples of the vehicle in the future. However, it is not known if they plan to sell it in the market.

Not the first Batmobile

Merc Batmobile

The first Batmobile replica in India also belongs to Pune and is owned by the millionaire Poonawalla family. That Batmobile is a replica of an older generation Batmobile and is based on a W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class. The vehicle was modified by EMT, Mumbai and the total cost of the project turned out to be around Rs 30 lakh, which is much higher than the latest project made by the students.