India’s first drive-through Corona virus testing lab is here: Here’s how it works [Video]

Corona Virus is the latest major health problem that India as well as other developed and developing countries are facing. In India the number of cases reported have gone up over the past few weeks, and the country is currently going through a nationwide lockdown to break-the-transmission-chain of Corona virus. Almost all the states in the country have reported Corona cases, and they have also begun testing at isolation centers. Testing is also being done at various hospitals for patients or people with symptoms. Amidst this chaos, a new concept has been introduced in the national capital, which now hosts India’s first ever drive through sample collection centre for COVID-19 testing.

The drive through sample collection service has been started by Dr. Dang Labs. People can simply take an appointment online via their website after checking doctor’s prescription. This model mainly focuses on ensuring maximum safety and minimum exposure for the patient and the medical staff while collecting the sample for Corona virus. Many doctors and health workers have tested positive for the Corona Virus, and the new, drive-through testing facility aims to reduce transmission of the virus to those involved in the testing process.

Here’s how the drive through testing mechanism for Corona Virus works.

India’s first drive-through Corona virus testing lab is here: Here’s how it works [Video]

  1. Dr. Dang Labs have currently set up a drive through testing lab in New Delhi’s West Punjabi Bagh central market. The booking as mentioned above has to be done via Dr. Dang Labs website and while making the appointment the patient will have to present a government approved id with an address proof along with a doctor’s prescription.
  2.  Once the patient has received the appointment, he/she can directly drive to the test centre location and conduct the test even without getting out of their vehicles. proper sanitation work is conducted in the area after every patient leaves the spot. This helps decreasing the risk of other patients getting exposed to this virus.
  3. This model was inspired from other countries where they have set up such test centres and proved successful. Once the tests are done, the patient won’t have to come back to collect the reports as it will be made available to him or her on registered email address. With the Corona virus cases increasing the country, there is a possibility that more and more of such drive through test centres would be set up in different corners of the country in the coming days.
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