India’s first dual tone ‘New’ Toyota Legender is actually a Type 1 Fortuner [Video]

Over the last few months, we have seen numerous Toyota Fortuner Type 1’s converted into Type 2’s. We have even seen some Type 1 Fortuners converted into Legenders as well. However, despite seeing everything under the sun, we have not seen something as unique as this particular Type 1 Fortuner. Recently, a video was shared on the internet where a Type 1 Fortuner was given the facia of a Legender and the rear of a Type 2, with an extremely distinct dual-tone paint job. This vehicle also included a complete premium interior upgrade.

The video of this exclusive conversion of an old Toyota Fortuner into a Frankenstein of two new models has been shared on YouTube by Autorounders, one of the most popular autobody workshops in the country that has been creating some of the most unique vehicles. They have shops in Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune. The video starts with beautiful shots of the finished car from all angles. Following this, one of the managers of the shop can be seen having a conversation with the owner of the vehicle about the car’s paint. He then sends pictures of a few paint samples via WhatsApp.

The manager mentions that this particular customer wants to paint the vehicle in a dual-tone color and convert the front into a Legender. He adds that they also make Type 1 Fortuners like Legenders from the rear as well, but this owner did not opt for that job. After the introduction, the car is shown in its previous state, and the process of disassembly starts.

India’s first dual tone ‘New’ Toyota Legender is actually a Type 1 Fortuner [Video]

The technicians of the workshop carefully remove all the parts, and after a while, the vehicle with the Legender front end conversion is shown. The manager then explains that they change the front bumper, headlights, grilles, and fenders to convert a Type 1 model into a Legender. He adds that the Fortuner beside this particular model will also be converted to a Legender from the rear. Following this, the process of removing dents and filling and sanding the body of the vehicle with automotive putty begins. The SUV is then completely primed and resanded to make it smooth before the final paint job.

The car is then rolled over to the paint booth where the painting process begins. In the video, we can see that the top half of the car is masked-off, and the bottom half is painted in a shade of deep blue. Following this, white paint is added to the top half of the car, completing the dual-tone paint job. The car is then reassembled and given a buff and polish to bring out the shine of the color. Meanwhile, the owner of the shop shows a sample of the white leather patches finished with diamond quilting for the door cards of the same car.

The owner then shows the final car. He starts off at the exterior of the car and mentions that they have finished this custom project with the dual-tone inspired by a Mercedes Benz GLS that they did a while back. He states that the top half white color is from a Jeep Wrangler, and the bottom blue color is an official Mercedes color. He then shows the rear of the car and states that they have also changed the rear taillights, bumper, and Fortuner nameplate as well.

Moving on, he shows the interior of the car, which has been completely transformed by them. The owner of the shop states that this is one of the most unique Toyota Fortuners in the country. He states that they have used composite white leather for seats with a diamond-quilted pattern. He added that they have also utilized the same material for the roof of the car as seen on the more expensive German automobiles in India. He further stated that they have added ambient lights to the interior of this particular SUV as well.