India’s first electric cruiser motorcycle coming to the 2018 Auto Expo

UM Motorcycles has announced their plans for the 2018 Auto Expo that is scheduled to take place from February. The American company is planning to showcase its first ever electric cruiser, which is India’s first ever such bike too. UM has also revealed that it will showcase a new 230cc cruiser affordable cruiser bike, which has been spied testing in India recently.

India’s first electric cruiser motorcycle coming to the 2018 Auto Expo
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UM has not revealed any specific details about the electric motorcycle yet. The company has said that the electric bike will get gears and will be liquid-cooled, which will make it world’s first. The motorcycle will be revealed at the Auto Expo and an official launch is expected in India at a later time. This will be the first time UM will showcase its electric bike in the world.

Speaking at the announcement, Rajeev Mishra, CEO, UM-Lohia Two Wheelers private limited said that the brand is excited to be part of Auto Expo 2018 and is looking forward to introducing the world’s first electric, geared high-speed cruiser. He also adds that UM has planned some surprises for its visitors.

India’s first electric cruiser motorcycle coming to the 2018 Auto Expo

UM is also working on the low cost, affordable cruiser that will be showcased at the event. The bike was caught testing in Okhla, Delhi. The will be called Renegade Duty 230 and it will get a new 230cc engine, which will be more affordable and cheaper to run than the 280cc engine that it currently uses. The bike is expected to get a starting price of around Rs. 1.2 lakh, that will make it compete with the likes of Bajaj Avenger 220.

The bike gets straight riding position, flat handlebars, classic retro design lines and LED lamps on the side of the shock absorbers. The bike is expected to get front disc brake and a rear drum brake set-up, which will keep the price down.

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