India’s first electric cruiser motorcycle: UM Renegade Thor – launched!

UM has just launched India’s first-ever electric cruiser motorcycle is here, and it’s called the Renegade Thor. It’s the priciest motorcycle that the brand sells in India, with the Renegade Thor priced at Rs. 9.9 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi. Why so pricey? Well, UM is importing the motorcycle as a completely built unit (CBU) from Italy, and has to pay high import duties. Naturally, you the customer will have pick up the tab. Don’t worry though, UM is also coming up with local assembly for the Renegade Thor electric cruiser, and the price will halve by the end of this year, to Rs. 4.9 lakhs.

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The cruiser motorcycle is powered by an electric motor that puts out 30 KW (40 Bhp) of peak power and 70 Nm of peak torque. The motor drives the rear wheel of the motorcycle through a chain drive and a five speed manual gearbox, and is capable of propelling the bike to a top speed of 180 Kph.

The electric motor runs on lithium ion batteries, which are liquid cooled for consistent performance even in hot weather. Effective range per charge is claimed to be 270 kilometers, and the batteries will support a fast charger, that will recharge 80 % of them in just 40 minutes.

Disc brakes are standard on both wheels, and so is ABS. The motorcycle rides on a 17 inch wheel up front, and a 15 inch rear wheel. The first 50 customers will be taken to Tuscany, Italy, where they’ll personally receive their motorcycle.

Meanwhile, bookings for the bike will open from April 2018, and deliveries will begin from the end of this year. UM plans to start assembling the Renegade Thor in India by the end of this year, which is when the prices are expected to come down. While the Renegade Thor electric cruiser doesn’t have direct competition, in price-terms it takes on the Harley Davidson Street 750 and the Kawasaki Vulcan 650S.