India’s first electric MPV – BYD e6 – is here: 500 Km range

Chinese manufacturer BYD has launched its first car in India – the e6. It is an electric MPV and the first of its kind in the Indian market. BYD will not sell the new car directly to the customers. Instead, it will be a B2B product that will be sold to corporate buyers and car fleet owners. It is only available in one variant and is priced at Rs 29.15 lakh, ex-showroom.

India’s first electric MPV – BYD e6 – is here: 500 Km range

BYD is testing the e6 in the Indian market for a long time now. It is an all-new vehicle that got an update in the international markets as well. The BYD e6 MPV looks quite interesting with the use of a lot of chrome. The front-end gets sleek LED projector headlamps with a thick chrome slat connecting both the units. The front bumpers get a blacked-out skirt and side vents as well. The MPV gets a coupe-inspired sloping roofline and with the all-black pillars, it adds a floating roof effect to the vehicle.

India’s first electric MPV – BYD e6 – is here: 500 Km range

On the inside, the all-new e6 comes with leather seats and a six-way adjustable driver and front passenger seats. The central console gets a massive 10.1-inch rotatable touchscreen system that gets Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity options. The electric MPV also comes with a filtration system that provides a medical-grade face mask level of air purification.

India’s first electric MPV – BYD e6 – is here: 500 Km range

Range of more than 500 km

The BYD e6 comes with a 71.7 kWh Blade Battery. It gets a WLTC tested city range of 520 km, which is massive compared to any affordable electric car available in the Indian market. The test cycle’s combined range is 415 km, which is also a decent range. The battery powers a 70 kWh electric motor that offers a torque of 180 Nm and can push the car to a top speed of 130 km/h.

The All-New e6 also comes with a vehicle warranty of 3 years/125,000 km (whichever is earlier), battery cell warranty of 8 Years/500,000 km (whichever is earlier), and a traction motor warranty of 8 Years/150,000 km.

Speaking on the launch of the new model, Mr Shrirang Joshi, the Sales Head of Electric Passenger Vehicle of BYD India Private Limited said that

“We are extremely happy to finally bring our globally tested All-New e6 to the Indian market. Focusing on safety, reliability, interior space as well as economic viability, we feel that the All-New e6 will be a hit in the Indian B2B market. We have also focused on improving the driving experience with some of the best-in-class features both in terms of driving comfort and interior features. The total cost of ownership will tremendously benefit our customers and the segment, overall. Thrilled to be a part of India’s EV revolution, we will roll out more product ranges in the future.”

Charges in 30 mins

India’s first electric MPV – BYD e6 – is here: 500 Km range

According to BYD, the new e6 supports both AC and DC fast charging. While charging the car using a DC outlet, it can reach the level of 80% from 30% in just 35 minutes. The manufacturer has not revealed other figures like how much time will it take to charge from zero to a hundred per cent.

The all-new BYD is only available in a few cities including Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Vijaywada, Ahmedabad, Kochi and Chennai. The manufacturer is working to increase the number of dealerships across the country.

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