India’s first ‘Facebook Live’ accident leaves three youth dead

Driving distracted is a big factor causing accidents all over. An incident that took place in Tengpora, Srinagar shows how dangerous distracted driving can be. Three youth died on the spot while one was seriously injured from the accident.

What exactly happened?

The accident took place on the open roads of Srinagar on 14th August. Srinagar is located in a wide valley which allows it to have wide and straight roads compared to the other mountainous regions. The youths were seen driving through the roads in an old Maruti 800.

The co-driver was doing a “Facebook Live” session while the car was being driven. It shows that none of the occupants, including the driver, were wearing a seat belt. The car was being driven at high-speed with loud music. The driver is also singing along and driving in a zig-zag way on the nearly empty roads.

After crossing a few stretches at high speed and overtaking a few vehicles, the car finally reaches a crowded stretch. The driver tried to overtake a Hyundai Creta and in the process lost control of the vehicle. The Maruti 800 turtled on the spot and three of the occupants died on the spot.

India’s first ‘Facebook Live’ accident leaves three youth dead

The remains of the Maruti 800 shows that the impact was extremely high and the body of the vehicle has been reduced to an only mangled piece of metal.

India’s first ‘Facebook Live’ accident leaves three youth dead

Driving distracted on roads

India’s first ‘Facebook Live’ accident leaves three youth dead

Driving distracted on the roads can be extremely dangerous. On the Indian roads, where the traffic situation is unorganized, distracted driving can be fatal. Here are a few tips on how to avoid such accidents.

  • Eyes should always be on the road. On Indian roads, potholes, cattle, and pedestrians can come on the way suddenly.
  • Never use a mobile phone while driving, it takes up a part of your attention and can be dangerous.
  • Never let occupants disturb you with loud music or in any other way. Being attentive to the road is of utter importance.
  • Always maintain speed limit on the roads. Going fast gives you less time to react can cause severe accidents.
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