India’s first hand-made mini Shelby Cobra working model on video

We all remember Rakesh Babu from Kerala who built mini version of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle car. His video with the Volkswagen Beetle became viral online and after that, he has built many more mini models of several other cars and SUVs. He has even worked on electric scooters and has built couple of them on order. Videos of the same are available online. Rakesh Babu has once again come forward with one more creation. This is again a very recognisable and an iconic model among auto enthusiasts. Rakesh Babu has now built a mini Shelby Cobra in his garage for children.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Smoki on his YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and the person who actually placed the order for Shelby Cobra are driving to the garage to pick up the mini Shelby Cobra. There are several videos of the Shelby Cobra available on Rakesh Babu’s YouTube channel that shows how he built the car. In this video, the finished product is shown and vlogger also shows how the mini model car works.

The person who placed the order spoke to Rakesh Babu about making a mini electric car for his child and Rakesh Babu suggested Shelby Cobra. This is probably India’s first and only mini Shelby Cobra model that is hand made and uses an electric motor. The body panels of this Shelby Cobra has been built using a metal sheets. Rakesh Babu fabricated the sheets to gets the desired look of the car. It gets a long bonnet with bulging round fenders. The headlamps are round and the front grille has also been finished in mesh.

The headlamps are round units and they gets ring type LED DRLs and also have LED headlamps in them. The whole car is painted in Red shade and it gets White strips that run from front of the car to the rear. The Red and White combination makes the car look a lot more sporty. Coming to the side profile, the mini Shelby Cobra gets wheels borrowed from Aprilia scooter. The wheels are wrapped in chunky looking tyres. The windshield, doors have all been fabricated by Rakesh Babu in his small garage.

India’s first hand-made mini Shelby Cobra working model on video

The fit and finish of the work done on this mini Shelby Cobra is commendable and it looks exactly like the original car only smaller. The design of the car is exactly like the original car. Even the car gets retro looking interiors. The car gets black leather upholstered bench seats with a custom made steering wheel. The upholstery work was not done by Rakesh Babu. Vlogger then sits inside the car and tries to drive it. Like any other EV, there is a brake pedal and an accelerator pedal.

The car moves forwards you press the accelerator pedal. The key hole is positioned right behind the steering wheel. Vlogger sits and drives it on the pocket road in front of the workshop. It even has a reverse gear which would make things easier for the children who’ll be driving it. Video mentions that it took almost 3 months and around Rs 1.5 lakh to build this mini Shelby Cobra.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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