India’s first Hyundai Creta with 22 inch alloy wheels is an eye catcher

Hyundai launched the all-new Creta in the Indian market last year. It has already gained a lot of appreciation in the market and is ruling the segment. The all-new Creta looks sharp and Hyundai offers one of the best-looking alloy wheels with the car. However, there are still many out there who prefer bigger and larger wheels. Here is a Hyundai Creta with massive 22-inch wheels. It is the first of its kind Creta with massive wheels in India.

India’s first Hyundai Creta with 22 inch alloy wheels is an eye catcher

The job is done by Monga Tyres. The brand of the alloy wheels is not mentioned though. The pictures of the new Hyundai Creta shows chrome five-spoke alloys that do look great overall. With the oversized alloy wheels, the thickness of the tyres has gone down, which is why you get to see low-profile tyres on the vehicle.

Other changes in the wheels include painted callipers and rear brake drums of the car. We have to say it here that even though the new alloy wheels expose the disc and the drum brakes of the Creta, they are pretty small in size and do not do justice to the massive 22-inch wheel size of the vehicle. Bigger disc brakes would have made the vehicle look much sportier with the added highlights.

India’s first Hyundai Creta with 22 inch alloy wheels is an eye catcher

Nonetheless, the seller has not shared the pricing details of the alloys and the installation. A set of four alloy wheels can cost anywhere from a few thousand rupees to lakhs, depending on the quality and the brand of the rims. Since the seller has not revealed the brand of these alloys, we cannot make any assumptions.

India’s first Hyundai Creta with 22 inch alloy wheels is an eye catcher

Upsizing the tyres

While it is legal to change the stock tyre size of a vehicle by a couple of inches, be aware that the manufacturer may void the warranty of the suspension. Upsizing the tyres do make the vehicle look sportier and also add a great stance to the vehicle. However, bigger tyres have a negative effect on the suspension system.

Due to the larger size of the tyres, the suspension is much more loaded and can create problems in the longer run. Since manufacturers tune the suspension according to the size of the tyres, it is always recommended to remain within the limits of upsizing.

Another bad effect that the upsized tyres can create is proving wrong readings on the instrument cluster. Since the circumference of the new upsized wheel and tyre is different from the stock version, the car takes wrong readings for speed and distance travelled. The error remains small but it is more than the vehicles with stock tyre size. Interestingly, upsizing also brings down the handling abilities and fuel efficiency of the car.

Not to forget, the biggest challenge of the upsized tyres is their association with comfort. Since most aftermarket alloy wheels require low profile tyres to ensure minimal change to the circumference of the wheels, the comfort goes for a toss. Stock tyres with thick sidewalls absorb a lot of bad patches on the roads but with low profile tyres that is not possible. So weigh the positives and negatives before deciding to upsize the stock wheels of your car.