This is India’s first Hyundai i20 Elite petrol to get an aftermarket turbo [Video]

Modifying or customising cars is a popular thing in India and around the world. Although, modification is illegal in India, there are still decent number of modified vehicles around. Enthusiasts from different parts of the country have made number of unique modification to their vehicles and many of them have been featured on our website as well. Hyundai i20 Elite has been one of the vehicle that has been widely modified by many. Here we have a very Hyundai i20 Elite with a very unique modification to it. This Hyundai i20 Elite petrol is fitted with an aftermarket turbocharger.

The video has been uploaded by Talking Cars on their YouTube channel. The Elite i20 or the previous generation i20 did not come with a turbocharged petrol engine. It was only introduced in the current generation of the hatchback. The regular i20 is still powered by a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated engine. The i20 Elite seen here was one such hatchback.

The main theme of this modification was to improve the performance without loosing the OEM feel. The modification work on this car was done by Wolf Moto, which is a Kerala-based car tuning garage. They installed a small turbo to the engine which does not change the overall experience. It has not been modified for drag races or other races but, it is meant to make the driving experience a lot more enjoyable.

Other changes on this i20 Elite are fuel injectors. The stock injectors from the Elite were replaced with injectors from Hyundai Verna 1.6 for better fuel delivery. An intercooler from first generation Skoda Octavia vRS has also been installed in this car. One of the other interesting thing about this build is the fact that, the car is still running on stock ECU. Wolf Moto managed to modify the codes in the existing ECU to suit the current setup.

This is India’s first Hyundai i20 Elite petrol to get an aftermarket turbo [Video]

In terms of cosmetic changes, there is nothing much. The car looks like any other i20 Elite with minor modifications. There are front bumper lips, aftermarket alloys, roof mounted spoiler, aftermarket exhaust and so on. The car now sits on air suspension and the compressors for the same are placed in the boot. The main aim of this Hyundai i20 was not outright power. It has ample amount of power that makes the whole driving experience a lot of enjoyable.

Vlogger who were driving the car in the city roads felt that in comparison to a stock i20 Elite, this feels a lot more fun to drive. The sporty exhaust note can be heard inside the cabin. The car feels like a stock i20 Elite under 2000 rpm. Post that, the turbo kicks in and the whole character of the car changes. The car has decent low end and even with these modifications and low profile tyres, the car still feels pretty good to drive in city. It is probably the only i20 in the country to get such a modification. Video mentions that Wolf Moto has done a great job in modifying the i20 and said this is how Hyundai should have launched i20 1.2 petrol in the market.