India’s first Hyundai Venue compact SUV to get a roof top tent

Hyundai Venue is a small compact SUV that is quite popular among buyers for its looks and features. Doing adventure trips with Hyundai Venue is probably the last thing that you might do with your Venue but, there are people who have done that as it offers decent amount of ground clearance. It can handle rough roads to some extend. We have seen several videos where Hyundai Venue gets modified but, here we have Hyundai Venue which is probably India’s first Venue to get a roof top tent installed on it.

The video has been uploaded by GavaOverlandLife on their YouTube channel. We have seen several SUVs like Thar and Fortuner getting a roof top tent. This is probably the first Hyundai Venue in India to get such a treatment. In this video, the vlogger shows how tents sits on the roof and how much time does it take to actually open it.

Video shows a Hyundai Venue with no modification other than the tent being driven on to a spot where they plan to setup the camp. They looked for an even surface where they can park and open the tent. It looks like, the tent is installed on the roof using new brackets. The vlogger then removes the cover and then pulls out the ladder. One end of the ladder is connected to the floor of the tent which is extended outside the vehicle.

The ladder is placed on the ground and along with the floor, tent also opens up. The edges on the tent are then locked so that it does collapse. video does not show how spacious the tent is from inside. It looks like, it can accommodate three people in it. The tent is placed or installed on the roof in a way that, it does not come in the way of boot. It can be opened freely.

India’s first Hyundai Venue compact SUV to get a roof top tent

During day time, the extended part of the tent outside the car can actually offer some shade. The whole setup looks very neat and the tent looks very compact too. After folding, it is as thick as some of the luggage carriers on the roof. The only concern here is whether the roof of a Hyundai Venue can actually handle weight. Video does not share the weight that the roof of Venue can actually handle. They have also not mentioned whether they have made any modifications to the Venue before installing the roof.

Hyundai Venue is a sub-4 meter compact SUV. It is meant for handling city and highways and with decent amount of ground clearance, it can easily perform good on bad roads as well. That does not mean, Hyundai Venue is a perfect vehicle for adventure trips. At the end of the day, Venue is a front wheel drive SUV and the possibilities of it getting stuck at a difficult terrain is quote high. Hyundai Venue is powered by a 1.2 litre naturally aspirated petrol, 1.5 litre turbocharged diesel and a 1.0 litre, three cylinder turbo petrol engine. This engine is available with manual, iMT and DCT gearbox whereas the other two get manual gearbox only.