India’s first Toyota Innova Hycross with recliner seats: Full custom interior [Video]

The Toyota Innova Hycross hybrid MPV is one of the most popular premium MPVs in India. It is the first choice for many politicians and businessmen. The comfort and reliability that this car offers are unmatched, and for this reason, it has become the country’s highest-selling strong hybrid. Now, despite its plush interior from the factory, it is not enough for some people. So, what they do is send their Innovas to get a custom interior made. Recently, a video of one such Innova Hycross with a fully redesigned private jet-styled interior has been shared online.

Toyota Innova Hycross with premium lounge interior

The video of this particular Innova Hycross with a lounge-style interior has been shared on YouTube by Auto Trade Interior Solution on their channel. It starts with exterior shots of the vehicle, from which we can note that nothing has been changed. From the outside, the vehicle looks completely stock. However, following this, the front right door is opened to reveal a brand-new tan leather-wrapped interior with custom brushed silver accents all around.

Following this, the main highlight of the interior is shown. The first thing we can note is that the middle bench seat has been removed, and the third row has also been removed. Both of these rows have been replaced with two lounge-type automatic recliner seats. The first shot of the rear interior also shows the newly added custom soundproofed wall between the rear passengers and the driver in front.

This wall can be seen equipped with two air conditioning vents and retractable passenger seats, which can also be used as footrests. A custom cup holder between these two seats can also be noted. Following this, the video shows the main lounge recliner seats, which get massive custom headrests along with some extremely plush pillows, all wrapped in the same colored tan material. The functioning of these two seats is also shown. Also Read: MG Comet EV crashes into Toyota Innova HyCross: Here’s the result [Video]

Next up in the video, a retractable fridge from between the front two seats is also shown. It also shows the powered curtains and the premium upgraded audio system of the vehicle. This particular Innova Hycross has also been equipped with wooden flooring and custom touchscreens between the two recliner seats. The car also gets Mercedes Maybach-styled retractable food tables as well.

Toyota Innova Hycross

As mentioned just a few days ago, it was revealed that the Innova Hycross hybrid MPV has become the best-selling strong hybrid vehicle in the country. With the recent 2023 Q3 sales figures out, it was noted that Toyota Kirloskar Motor India sold a total of 10,374 units of the Innova Hycross hybrid MPV. This tremendous sales volume allowed the automaker to capture a total strong hybrid market share of 47 percent. On the other hand, based on the same model, the Maruti Suzuki Invicto managed to post a mere 1,735 units sales figure in the same quarter. The Invicto hybrid MPV managed to grab a market share of just 8 percent. Also Read: Toyota Innova Hycross vs Maruti Suzuki Invicto: Their Variants Priced Rs 24-26 Lakh Compared for Safety-Conscious Buyers

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