India’s first Kia Seltos with rear-seat entertainment [Video]

Kia Motors launched their first product Seltos SUV in the Indian market last year. It was a huge success and became popular among buyers because of its bold looks, feature loaded cabin and tempting price tag. Seltos has been in the market for an year and now customisation options and aftermarket accessories are also available. We have seen several modified Seltos in the past and have featured them on hte website too. Here we have a video that shows a Kia Seltos which gets a entertainment screens for rear seat passengers.

The video has been uploaded by Musafir Aka Joshi on his youtube channel. This is probably the first Kia Seltos in the country to get this type of modification. The video starts by showing how exactly the screen in installed in the car. The vlogger has gone for a 12.25 inch android screen and he has installed not one but two screens at the rear. The screens were installed at the back of headrests and the wiring for the same was taken behind the the seat and under the flooring.

The wires were neatly tucked in and the screens were not connected to each other so that the passengers can play different videos on the screen at the same time. The screens can be tilted and were also pulled forward to adjust the viewing angle. The Hypersonic screen that was installed in the car also came with an ambient lighting setup.

India’s first Kia Seltos with rear-seat entertainment [Video]

The display quality on these screens looked great and the fit and finish was commendable. The whole screen is an android tablet that can be connected to internet on the go. It supports HD videos and the footage looks very sharp. There is provision for connecting both the screens using and HDMI cable which will allow both passengers to watch same content on both screens at the same time. Kia offers similar rear seat entertainment screens in their luxury MPV Carnival. The aftermarket unit installed in the Seltos looks of good quality and if anyone is interested in buying such a screen for Seltos or any other SUV, the price for it is Rs 45,000 including the taxes. It’s not clear if the aftermarket modification will keep the factory warranty intact.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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