India’s first Land Rover Defender Series 3 miniature working model: Check it out [Video]

Rakesh Babu is a miniature car builder in Kerala. He has created several working miniature models of cars, bikes and SUVs in the past and many of them have been featured on our website too. In most cases, Rakesh makes these projects from scratch. He has now started receiving orders for such miniature models. One of his most popular work was a miniature version of a Volkswagen Beetle car which runs on a 2 stroke engine from a Suzuki Samurai motorcycle. He still has the car in his garage. This time around, he has built an electric miniature version of Land Rover Series 3 and like his other models, this one also works.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on his YouTube channel. In this video, Rakesh Babu shows how the finished product looks and how it works. When the video starts, Rakesh is seen going to another spot, where he has parked the model for final works. After reaching the spot, he loads the Series 3 miniature to his Tata Xenon truck and drives it back to his garage.

The whole SUV has been designed to look like a miniature version of the Land Rover Series 3 vintage SUV. The dimensions of this SUV were designed around the wheels which is from an autorickshaw. Rakesh has built the whole frame using metal pipes. The bending and welding work for this SUV was done at his workshop only. The SUV has a working front suspension set up with upper and lower arm. The rear gets a swingarm set up too. The effort that Rakesh puts in for making such miniature models is more than anyone else we have seen on the internet.

He makes sure that the finished product looks just like  the original SUV. The front grille was finished using metal wires and the same was polished to achieve a chrome finish. The body work was done using metal sheets which he cut himself at the workshop. The headlamps used on this Land Rover Series 3 miniature model is from a TVS XL100 scooter. The square portion around the headlamps have been blacked out and that is going well with the overall look of the car. The front bumper has been fabricated using metal piper and the whole SUV has been painted in Army Green shade.

India’s first Land Rover Defender Series 3 miniature working model: Check it out [Video]

The car model is made for children so the functions on this jeep are made keeping that in mind. The bonnet of the Defender is made from metal sheets and pipes. He installed a lock system for the bonnet and also ORVMs for the same. The windshield on this SUV can be folded down to complete the open jeep look. The bench seats get black upholstery and the batteries are placed under the seat. The steering wheel on this Land Rover is a custom made unit and the electric motor used in this car is a 750W unit which powers the rear wheels. The car gets disc brakes at the rear and it can go forward and in reverse using a switch placed on the dashboard. The finished product looks neat and once again Rakesh has managed to achieve a clean looking working miniature model with limited resources.