India’s first ‘LED speed breaker signal’ is here! [Video]

With the rising traffic woes in India, the authorities are choosing new and innovative methods to manage the traffic. Chennai, Tamil Nadu has adopted something unique to manage the traffic situation of the city. This video by Polimer News shows India’s first LED speed breaker integrated traffic signal!

The unique traffic signal is located on the Dr Radhakrishnan Salai in Chennai and it has been installed as a pilot project. The bright LEDs are integrated into the speed breaker on the road itself. There LED lamps are connected to the traffic signal and they change colour as per the traffic lights. This allows a better view of the traffic signal to the motorists when compared to the conventional signals. The LED signal is spread over the width of the road and changes colour to bright red when the traffic signal turns red. There are also yellow and green lamps in the new system.

Motorists now do not need to look at the conventional traffic signal to know the status of the signals. It will also serve as a stop line for the people who like to move ahead and wait at the zebra crossings. The waterproof lamps will work quite well and are also quite practical to use. The price of the installation is not known.

This is the first-of-its-kind traffic signal in India, which may roll out at other locations depending on the success. Most Indian motorists do not follow the traffic signals unless they spot a police officer on the junctions. However, due to the inquisitiveness of the new LED signals, most people using the road might just adhere to the traffic signals. Nonetheless, the authorities around India have started installing CCTV cameras around the city roads to monitor the city traffic and issue electronic fines to the culprits.

India’s first ‘LED speed breaker signal’ is here! [Video]

Various authorities from different states have also started using mobile radars mounted alongside the cameras that can record the speed of the vehicles. Such systems send the information back to the control rooms in real time and the cops can then issue electronic challans to the culprits. While this LED strip traffic signal does not get any such advanced feature, it is designed to catch all your attention on the roads.

This is not the first time that the authorities have tried to do an experiment with the traffic signals. In the past, Indore authorities installed a robot traffic signal at a busy junction to manage the traffic. The robot traffic signal has an inbuilt timer and cameras that can be used by the cops to monitor the real-time traffic. It also has loudspeakers that can be used by the cops to relay information to the motorists.

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