India’s first ‘mafia-spec’ Mahindra Scorpio-N looks hot [Video]

Mahindra’s Scorpio-N has garnered immense love from buyers in the country and the best-selling model in its entire lineup – the Z4 diesel variant has especially gathered a ton of buyers. A lot of people in the country have started modifying this variant in different iterations and recently a video of a Scorpio-N finished in a mafia spec came online.

The video of the modified Scorpio-N Z4 was uploaded on YouTube by Garage 8427. In the video, the presenter shows the mafia spec SUV in great detail and reveals all the modifications done by them. He first begins by telling that the SUV has finally come back after getting all the modifications installed and he then goes on to introduce the vehicle. He tells that the model that they went for was the Scorpio-N’s diesel automatic variant. He then starts listing off all the modifications made by them at the front.

The presenter states that the first modification in front of the SUV is the flashing lights on the grille. He tells that the lights come with a remote to control the lights, flashing patterns, and colors. He further adds that he is aware that these lights are illegal and tells that he does not use them on public roads. He adds they have installed them just to take pictures and videos of the car. Following this, he tells that they have swapped out the original bulbs of the headlights that the car comes equipped with. The presenter describes that they have added 130 watts of white LED lights in the headlights to brighten up the effect. He also adds that the lights in the fog lamps have also been changed.

India’s first ‘mafia-spec’ Mahindra Scorpio-N looks hot [Video]

Following this he reveals that they have painted the front grille in piano black. The grille on the standard Scorpio-N Z4 comes in a matte silver finish. He also adds that they have wrapped the new twin peaks Mahindra logo in black chrome wrap to give it is stealthier appearance. Furthermore he tells that they have added the monochrome wrap to the headlights to give them protection and make them look darker in daytime meanwhile retaining the clearness in the night.

Moving on to the sides the vlogger then describes that they have painted all the claddings and lower sections of the bumpers in the same Napoli black as the car. These claddings from the company come finished in a matt black finish. He further tells that they have powder coated the side steps to black as well. He then also reveals that they have painted the factory wheel caps black of the SUV in Napoli Black because the after market alloy wheels that they were looking for were not available. He also tells the window mouldings from the company come in Napoli black but the company wraps them in standard black wrap so removing reveals the Napoli black finish.

The presenter then opens the door and shows the interior of the SUV. He tells that they went with a full custom interior in which the seats and door panels were leather wrapped. He further tells that they have painted the some of the factory silver interior bits and trims to gloss black. In addition some of the trims have also been hydro dipped in carbon fiber print as well. He also shows the roof and pillars and tells that all of them have been wrapped in fabric as well. Furthermore they have also added starry lights on the roof like Rolls Royce vehicles as well which in the night look amazing. Finally he tells that the entire cost of these modifications came out to be Rs 1,50,000.