India’s first Mahindra Scorpio Classic riding on 26 inch wheels worth Rs 3.2 lakh! [Video]

Indians and their obsession with alloy wheels is something that is not new. However, what’s new is this trend of fitting vehicles with extremely huge alloy wheels wrapped in the lowest profile tyres that could be found. And in the most recent video from a YouTuber, an all-new Mahindra Scorpio Classic was shown featuring the country’s first 26-inch alloy setup of this particular design.

Recently this video was uploaded by Tarun Vlogs3445 on his channel where he reviews and interviews the owner of this particular Mahindra Scorpio Classic. The video begins with a small snippet of the entire video’s highlights and then gets followed with some amazing B-rolls and drone shots of this all-black SUV on a deserted road. After this, the presenter then takes on the video and starts by saying that today he will be showing this viral Scorpio Classic with a 26-inch alloy wheel setup.

He adds that this is India’s first Mahindra Scorpio Classic with this 26-inch alloy wheel configuration. He tells that he is aware that people will say that there are other Scorpios in the country with 26 inch alloy wheels. However he adds that this is the first Scorpio Classic with this specific wheel design and setup. Then the presenter gets behind the camera and introduces the owner of the Scorpio Classic. Following the introduction of the owner the presenter asks him when did he get the vehicle and what was the previous setup.

India’s first Mahindra Scorpio Classic riding on 26 inch wheels worth Rs 3.2 lakh! [Video]

The owner then replies that before switching to this 26 inch configuration he also had 22 inch alloy wheels all-around the corners on his Scorpio Classic which he bought 2 and a half months ago. However he was quickly bored with that setup and changed it to this configuration just after driving it for 300 kms. The presenter than jokes that will the owner get the 28 inch alloys next to which the owner replies that if they could but they’ll see what happens in the future. Following this they start talking about the unique 4747 registration number which the owner tells that it costed him Rs 65,000 to get this number for his car.

Following this the presenter then tells that the bulbs in the headlights have also been changed which the owner then verifies. The owner tells that all the halogen bulbs in the headlights and fog lamps have been switched to LED bulbs of 120 Watts and also tells the response is quite amazing. He adds that the setup is so bright that he does not even uses the front headlight instead he uses the fog lamps and LED DRLs to navigate in the dark.

Moving on in the video the presenter then shows around the car and adds that the vehicle has been modified subtly and looks clean. He then finally shows the alloy wheels up close and asks the owner what modifications he had to do in order to fit the wheels to which he replies that they had to alter the inner fenders and suspension to avoid and rubbing of these wheels. The presenter then asks that what was the cost of this setup to which the owner reveals that he paid Rs 3.2 lakh for the entire setup. Previously the owner also told that the entire car has been covered in self healing paint protection film which also costed him Rs 1.2 lakh.

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