India’s first Mahindra Scorpio-N overlander vehicle is here [Video]

mahindra scorpio-n camper featured

Camping is one of the best outdoor activities that allows you to explore uncharted terrain. It becomes even more enjoyable when done in absolute comfort. At Cartoq, we have featured several expedition vehicles created by off-roading and camping enthusiasts from across the country in the past few months. However, so far, we have only showcased camper vehicles built on old vehicles. But now, for the first time, we are featuring a camping setup made with one of the most popular SUVs in the country at the moment – the Mahindra Scorpio-N.

The video of India’s first-ever Mahindra Scorpio-N expedition edition has been shared on YouTube by Ghumakkad Bugz on their channel. The video starts with the introduction of the fully customized Scorpio-N and its owner. The presenter of the video mentions that this is the first-ever overlanding Mahindra Scorpio-N on YouTube. He then shows the car, and the owner of the car first starts off with the shower setup installed in the car. He mentions that on the roof rack of the car, they have added PVC pipes in which the water for the shower gets stored. He then adds that there is a pneumatic quick-release connector for the pipe through which the water comes down.

The owner then also adds that he has added a small pressure pump as well. Moving on, he then opens the rear door of the car and shows the custom-built storage setup which also houses the kitchen and sink. The owner opens the left storage rack and reveals a small gas stove and some storage bins. He also opens the small plastic foldable sink in the bottom as well. Following this, he then shows the right side of the storage setup which contains their food items. The owner of the vehicle mentions that the locks on the racks are marine-grade locks that are used in ships and yachts, which he had to import.

India’s first Mahindra Scorpio-N overlander vehicle is here [Video]

Following this, he then shows the bed setup of the car. The owner and his wife then lay down on the bed and show the space. They mention that the space is enough for three people. Following this, the owner then talks about the electricity supply of the vehicle and tells that he has installed a generator that he imported during the time of COVID. He mentions that it cost him around $1500 to import it from China. He mentions that the generator is capable of powering a standard air conditioner in a home. He adds that he has built a custom wiring to wire it directly to the alternator of the car for charging during the traveling time.

After this, the owner of the vehicle then shows the fridge setup of the car and mentions that it is a 30-liter capacity fridge that helps them store their stuff and keep it cool during the traveling time. Moving on, the owner of the shop then shows the foldable toilet seat. He mentions that they use plastic bags and after use, they just bury them.