India’s first Mahindra Scorpio N with 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels is here [Video]

2022 All-New Mahindra Scorpio N loaded with massive 20-inch alloy wheels; The ‘Big Daddy of SUVs’ is priced from 11.99 lakh (ex-showroom); Deliveries of the Z8L variant already underway.

Mahindra Scorpio Classic is infamous for sporting huge alloy wheels of size exceeding 20 inches and we have seen many owners experimenting with the wheels. Now the newly launched Scorpio N has joined the bandwagon with the first in India 20-inch alloy wheels. ‘Velocity Tyres’, a tyre and alloy wheel seller based out of Ludhiana, Punjab shared a reel on its Instagram handle showcasing India’s first Scorpio N with 20-inch alloy wheels.

Scorpio N 20-inch Alloy Wheels: Details

India’s first Mahindra Scorpio N with 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels is here [Video]

The Instagram reel video shows a sideways shot of the Scorpio N reflecting the presence of the SUV with the 20-inch massive alloy wheels. These wheels are shod with low profile 295/40 section tyres. As seen in the video, the broad tyres are jutting out of the body, thereby giving a macho stance to the ‘Big Daddy of SUVs’. The Scorpio N in the video is a 4 Xplor model which means that it comes with 4X4 capabilities. In terms of appearance, the phantom black colour of the SUV is giving out a contrasting appeal with the silver multi-spoke alloy wheels. If we keep the practical aspect of these wheels aside, the SUV is looking quite amazing and will surely turn heads on the road. For reference, the stock tyre size of Scorpio N is 17 inch (245/65) in MT and 18 inch (255/60) in AT.

Scorpio N 20-inch Alloy Wheels: Potential downsides of oversized wheels

These oversized wheels definitely look smashing and work well to enhance the overall road presence of the SUV, no two ways about it. However, these choices are far away from being practical and come with a host of disadvantages. To begin with, the massive oversized wheels rob away the true purpose of an SUV like Scorpio N, which is to tackle off-road terrains. The 4X4 capabilities of the vehicle are of no use with these upsized wheels as they are extremely fragile and the chances of getting them damaged are extremely high. Along with this, the massive alloy wheels cost a lot of money along with the added cost of tyres.

If you are willing to spend a large amount on such wheels, then be ready to incur the extra cost of fuel as these wheels are bound to significantly reduce the fuel efficiency along with affecting the performance as well as acceleration. There are high chances that the wheels will rub against the wheel wells on full rotation, causing damage to the tyres. The downsides don’t end here, these upsized alloy wheels will surely add to the suspension woes in the long term along with voiding the company warranty on suspension. Last but not the least, the overall handling and ride quality of the vehicle will also get affected to some extent. The errors in the odometer and speedo meter readings are an added downer.