India’s first Maruti 800: What it drives like after being resto-modded [Video]

This is India’s very first Maruti 800 SS80, a car whose keys were personally handed over to its owner, Harpal Singh , by the then Prime Minister of the country – Indira Gandhi. While Harpal Singh used the Maruti 800 for over 25 years, the car was neglected in his final years due to ill health. Now though, it has been completely resto-modded, and ready to hit the roads again. This video takes a quick look at this iconic, resurrected Maruti 800 SS80, and shows us how it drives after the extensive resto-mod effort. AGM Technologies – a car customization outfit from Delhi – has handled this resto-mod.

The resto-modded Maruti 800 SS80 is a far cry from the car that Harpal Singh owned for most of his life. It has a total revamp, both on the outside and inside. The changes on the exterior are aimed at retaining the car’s iconic silhouette while adding bits of modernity. The squarish lines, or in other words, the original edges of the design, are maintained as is, and the car’s painted in a classic red shade.

The front end gets round projector headlamps from Hella while turn indicators and DRLs are nicely integrated within the rectangular headlamp housings that the original design featured. The grille sees a full revamp. The bumper is a metal item, and is finished in matte black. As a sporty touch, there’s a bumper extension at the bottom of the front end. The 12 inch wheels have been swapped out for gorgeous alloy wheels which are now shod with meatier 165 section tubeless tyres.

India’s first Maruti 800: What it drives like after being resto-modded [Video]

The interiors get a full resto-mod as well, with the original dashboard now getting a carbon fiber faux wrap and a neatly packaged tachometer. The original instrument cluster now gets backlit in red while the seats are newly upholstered. The steering is new, and the resto-modders have added a power steering and brakes, both features absent on the first Maruti 800s to be sold in India. Other feature additions include a stereo, air conditioning and fuel injection for the 796cc, triple cylinder F8D petrol engine, which operates with a 4 speed manual gearbox.

As Vlogger TurboXtreme indicates in his video blog, the resto-modded Maruti 800 feels like a vintage car to drive. This isn’t surprising given the fact that this car is over 30 years of age. The resto-mod job cost about Rs. 6 lakh, and this includes the total overhaul of the car, including the engine, transmission and suspension. If you want to restore any classic car, you may get in touch with AGM Technologies, whose contact details are in the video’s description section.