This is India’s first Maruti Ciaz to get scratchproof PU paint

Earlier this month we had featured an all-new Mahindra Thar which got PU bullet liner paint job. Thar was the first Mahindra Thar in the country to get such a treatment. Now we have another video that shows a Maruti Ciaz sedan painted in the same material. It is most probably the first and only one Ciaz to get this PU bullet line paint job. In comparison to normal wrap or paint job, the PU bullet liner paint job is different. The video explains all the benefits of having such a paint job on a car.

The video has been uploaded by Vinay Kapoor on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing how the Maruti Ciaz looks after getting this new PU bullet liner paint job. As mentioned above, this particular paint job is different from regular paint. This may look like a regular matte finish paint job or wrap but, it actually is a chemical that is sprayed on to the car just like paint. The main benefit of having PU bullet liner paint is that it protects the car from scratches, rust and even protects the body from dents.

In a previous video, the vlogger had posted a clip where people can be seen hitting the bonnet of a car with a hammer that was received bullet liner paint job. Even after hitting several times on the panel with a hammer, there were no visible dents nor did the paint come off at any point.

This is India’s first Maruti Ciaz to get scratchproof PU paint

Here in this video the vlogger talks about the benefits of using this paint on the car. The main benefit of having this paint on the car is that it protects the car from scratches or dents. Next benefit is that it increases the body strength of the panel and finally, it saves the panel from rust issues. Unlike other paints, this PU bullet liner paint is more durable and it also comes with warranty. The warranty however depends upon the thickness of the coat that is applied on the car. On an average, the life of this bullet liner is 4-5 years.

One of the other benefit that, this bullet liner paint has over regular paint is that, there is no need to polish it to give it a smooth finish. It is easy to maintain as it can be cleaned using a jet spray only. Every panel is individually painted to get an even finish. Even the ORVM is painted in the same material to give it a uniform look. On Ciaz, grey colour paint has been sprayed but, if the customer wants, he can have any colour that he wishes. In future, if the customer wants to remove this coating and go for a regular paint job, this bullet liner will come off easily without damaging any parts.

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz is one of the popular mid-size sedan that competes with Honda City, Hyundai Verna, Skoda Rapid and Volkswagen Jetta in the segment. One seen in the video is an older version. The current version is available with a BS6 compliant 1.5 litre petrol engine only. Maruti is bringing back the their diesel engines and the Ciaz will also be getting the new diesel engine.