India’s first Maruti Omni pick up truck is a lifted monster [Video]

The Maruti Omni, a boxy-looking van, was once immensely popular on Indian roads, enjoying widespread usage in both private and commercial sectors. This iconic van remained in production for nearly three decades, with its overall design remaining unchanged throughout that period. However, due to India’s increasingly stringent emission and safety regulations, Maruti had to discontinue the production of the Omni. Nevertheless, there are still some well-preserved and creatively modified examples of the Maruti Omni scattered across various regions of India. Here, we have a video where a Maruti Omni van has been modified into a pickup truck, and it also gets a lift kit.

The video has been uploaded by Pulikattil Sachin on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger, along with his friend, is going to a nearby workshop to take delivery of his friend’s modified Omni. The car is being revealed to the public for the first time. We have seen several modified examples of the Omni in the past, and this one is unlike any of them. The Maruti Omni has been completely modified into a pickup truck. The 8-seater van has been converted into a single cab pickup. In fact, the modified Omni does look inspired by the Suzuki Carry pickup available in the market.

The exact details of the modification are not mentioned in the video. We will try to describe the visible features in the video. The car belongs to Nikhil Kumar from Kerala. The first noticeable thing about this Omni is the color. The car has been completely repainted in a green shade. The front stock bumper on this Omni has been replaced with an off-road spec unit. The headlamp covers are blacked out, and the halogen lamps have been replaced with aftermarket projector LED units. This Maruti Omni appears taller than the stock version because the car now has a lift kit.

India’s first Maruti Omni pick up truck is a lifted monster [Video]
Omni modiifed into a pick up

It has been designed to look like a monster truck. The front and rear fenders have been widened to accommodate the new set of wheels. The stock steel rims on this Omni have been replaced with blacked-out rims and chunky-looking off-road tires. The new set of wheels and the lift kit completely change the overall look of the car. In a Maruti Omni, the stock exhaust pipes are placed at the rear. In this Omni pickup, that has changed. The exhaust has been rerouted and is placed just behind the driver’s cabin. It is now designed like a quad-exhaust system similar to what we see in heavy-duty trucks. The exhaust note of this van has also changed. The exhaust looks like a custom-made unit.

The rear part of the van has been completely chopped off, and the body has been reinforced to ensure that the modification does not affect the overall handling. The rear part of the van is now converted into an open loading bed. The rear bumper on this van is the stock unit from Omni; however, the tail lamps are aftermarket units. The finished product does look butch. The interior of this Omni has also been customized. The exact cost and details of this modification are currently not available. The modification has completely changed the look of the vehicle. It should be noted that modifying vehicles is completely illegal in India, and the owner of this vehicle cannot legally drive it on Indian roads. However, he can definitely drive it on private property or a track and even display it for auto shows and expos.