India’s first Maruti Suzuki Alto in Nardo Grey is here

Everyone thinks of Alto as a budget hatchback for a small family. No one would have thought of modifying a humble little Alto. Well, here is an Alto that would have originally restored but then the modification shop takes it to the next level. The modification and the restoration has been done by at.the.garage.

The modifications done to the Alto are very subtle but they make the Alto look very attractive. We can see the stock Alto was finished in Blue colour and was running aftermarket multi-spoke alloy wheels. The modification shop did a fantastic job of restoring the Alto in Nardo Grey colour. They also repainted the alloy wheels to white which goes with the overall aesthetic of the vehicle. The stock outside rearview mirrors are coloured in black, the modification shop repainted them to a darker shade of grey.

Up-front, the blacked-out headlamp has been replaced with a clear lens unit which should provide better illumination. The front grille has been blacked out and the whole rest of the hatchback is finished in Nardo Grey. There are also Hella Black Magic auxiliary lights mounted on the front. These auxiliary headlamps help in lighting up the road better. The air dam and the fog lamps are stock just like we see in the original picture of the Alto. The orange turn indicators mounted on the front fenders have been replaced with clear units that we used to get on the later models.

It looks like the vehicle has also undergone a window tinting or it can be just a lighting effect. The black window belts really go with the Nardo Grey colour as there is no chrome to be found on the whole car. At the rear, there is an additional brake light has been installed and there is also an antenna.

The modification shop has also made some mechanical upgrades to the Alto. They have done a complete mechanical overhaul. They are using NGK Iridium Spark Plugs. The Iridium spark plugs are supposed to have many benefits over the stock regular spark plugs. Iridium spark plugs help in easy cranking of the engine and also lasts longer than regular spark plugs.

The shop has also installed a BMC air intake that should help the engine to breathe more freely. It increases the airflow to the engine which can bump up the power output slightly as it results in better combustion.

The Alto is also running on lowered springs sourced from Cobra. This has resulted in less ride height which means that the car would handle much better than the stock car. A higher car means that there would be more body roll which hampers the handling of the vehicle. A lower car means that there would be less body roll which would result in better handling. Overall, the modification job is done by at.the.garage looks very good. The modified Alto does stand out on the road due to its unique paint job. It is one of the best customized Altos that we have seen.