India’s First CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 Is Here (Video)

Maruti Suzuki Jimny with CNG

As we are all aware, the Indian automotive market is a very fuel efficiency-sensitive market. Car buyers in the country want to have cars with the best fuel economy, and for this, a lot of people love to buy CNG variants of popular cars. However, a lot of manufacturers do not offer CNG options for their vehicles, and this is why they take their cars to aftermarket shops and get them fitted with CNG kits. Recently, a video has been shared online which shows a shop creating India’s first-ever Maruti Suzuki Jimny fitted with a CNG kit.

This video of India’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny lifestyle off-roader fitted with an aftermarket CNG kit has been shared on YouTube by Easy Drive CNG on their channel. The owner of the shop where this Jimny received its CNG kit shares that this is the second Jimny that they have added this kit. He mentions, however, that this is the first-ever Jimny CNG on YouTube. Following this, he states that before fitting the CNG kit, they did not know if the Jimny would come with four injectors or eight. After understanding that it will get four injectors, the CNG kit became easy to install.

Maruti Suzuki Jimny with CNG kit

India’s First CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 Is Here (Video)

Following the introduction, the presenter mentions that the Jimny comes with the same 4 injector 1.5-litre engine that came with the pre-facelift Maruti Brezza. He adds that currently, the new Brezza comes with 8 injectors. After this, he adds that there are two major companies named Mijo and Lovato who make CNG kits for cars, and currently, the Mijo kit has approval. He then states that this particular customer, however, has gone with the Lovato CNG kit, and he highlights that it is not currently approved but it is a very high-quality kit.

Next up, the presenter shows the parts that come with the Lovato CNG kit. He first shows the single-stage reducer; then, he shows the injectors from Lovato, which he states offer high performance and are very smooth. After this, he shows the COBD2 engine control module and has a filter with a MAP sensor. The presenter then shows the 12 kg cylinder, which they will be adding in the rear boot of the car.

CNG kit fitting in Jimny

India’s First CNG Powered Maruti Suzuki Jimny 4X4 Is Here (Video)

After showing the various parts of the Lovato CNG kit, the presenter then talks about the details of the fitment of this kit. He states that as the Jimny will be used by the owner for off-roading as well, they took extra time to place the pipeline for the CNG kit. He stated that he does not want the pipeline to leak during an off-road adventure. Following this, he also shows the custom-made wiring prepared by their shop for the Jimny. He stated they take a lot of time to meticulously fit the kit so that there are no problems in the future.

Benefits of adding the CNG kit

Following the installation, the presenter shows the completed Jimny with the Lovato CNG kit. He states that this is one of the highest quality CNG kits, and its fit and finish have come out perfect. He stated that after the test drive, it was found that the kit operates very smoothly, and the difference is very minimal when being driven in CNG. He then adds that the Jimny in petrol in city driving gives a mileage of around 10-11 kmpl, and on the highway, it gives around 13-14 kmpl. However, with the addition of the CNG kit, the owner can expect an increase of around 50 percent in fuel efficiency.