India’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny with G-Wagen body kit is here [Video]

Maruti Suzuki recently launched the all-new Jimny 5-door SUV in the Indian market. The Jimny has been a highly popular 4×4 SUV worldwide and is currently the sole proper SUV sold by Maruti in our market. It is a model with significant modification potential. Internationally, we have seen numerous examples of the three-door Jimny being neatly modified. There are several aftermarket body kits available for this SUV in the market as well. One of the most common types of modification for the Jimny is the G-wagen conversion. Body kits suitable for the 5-door version have also started arriving in the market, and here we have India’s first Jimny modified to resemble a G-Wagen.


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The video showcasing the transformation has been uploaded by VM Customs on their Instagram page. In the video, we see a brand new Jimny 5-door being converted into a G-Wagen. The white-colored Jimny looks pristine. Many brands produce aftermarket body kits for the Jimny internationally, and the one installed on this Jimny is one such unit specifically designed for the 5-door version. As part of the conversion, the front end of the SUV was entirely modified. The stock grille, headlamps, and bumper have been removed. Additionally, the bonnet and fenders were replaced, and the wheel arch now appears wider than the stock version—all these changes made possible by the conversion kit. The newly installed kit completely transforms the overall appearance of the car, giving it a mini G-Wagen look. After fitting the new panels for a trial, they were painted to match the original white color of the car. Furthermore, the Mercedes logo on the center of the grille was replaced with the Suzuki logo.

On the roof, a new scoop, which is part of the body kit, adds a muscular look to the vehicle. Moving to the side profile, we notice more changes. The stock 15-inch alloy wheels on the Jimny have been upgraded to 18-inch aftermarket wheels from a brand called AD, along with improved tires. The car now features roof-mounted auxiliary lamps, and at the rear, a roof-mounted spoiler has been painted black. The spare wheel cover on this Jimny has also been replaced with a G-Wagen-like unit. The rear bumper and tail lamps were replaced as well. Interestingly, the Jimny branding has been retained on the vehicle.

India’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny with G-Wagen body kit is here [Video]
Jimny converted to G-Wagen

It’s not just the exterior that received modifications; the interior of this Jimny has also undergone customization. The all-black fabric interior has been upgraded to a premium Red and Black dual-tone interior, with genuine leather-wrapped seats. The interior theme has been tailored to resemble that of the G-Wagen, giving the Jimny a luxurious look. Moreover, VM Customs installed Cardi K4 ambient lights on the door and dashboard. As far as we can tell, there don’t seem to be any changes made to the engine of this Jimny. The finished product looks impeccably well-done, and we anticipate seeing more such examples in the future.

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