India’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny with G-Wagen kit: New video surfaces

Since the introduction of the five-door Maruti Suzuki Jimny in India, car enthusiasts, particularly those who enjoy customizing their vehicles, have eagerly awaited its arrival. The three-door Jimny, popular overseas, is known for its vast customization options. In India, a notable customization kit inspired by the Mercedes-AMG G-Wagen has been applied to a five-door Jimny, as showcased in a YouTube video uploaded by MRD Cars.

This customized Jimny successfully emulates the iconic design of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class, colloquially known as G-Wagen. Beginning with the front, the modified Jimny features a distinct body-colored bumper with larger fog lamp housings. The fascia is completely redesigned, showcasing an AMG grille with vertical slats and a Suzuki logo in the center. The G-Wagen-inspired rounded all-LED headlamps replace the original headlamps, and the front fenders are revamped to resemble those of the G-Wagen, complete with clear-lens turn indicators on top.

On the side profile, the Jimny retains its black-colored steel wheels but gains G-Wagen-like blacked-out rear view mirrors. The front roof panels are fitted with integrated LED lights, and a spoiler adorns the rear windscreen. The flared trapezoidal wheel arches are now body-colored. At the rear, the modified Jimny boasts a body-colored spare wheel cover and a revised rear bumper with LED tail lamps resembling the G-Wagen’s design.

India’s first Maruti Suzuki Jimny with G-Wagen kit: New video surfaces

Inside, the customized Jimny sports a custom cabin featuring a dual-tone red and black theme, similar to the original Mercedes-AMG G63. Red highlights adorn the seat and door pad upholsteries, as well as the steering cover. Notably, all modifications are focused on visual aesthetics, with no mechanical changes made to the off-roader. The Jimny retains its 1.5-liter 104.8 PS petrol engine mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, as showcased in the video.

Is this legal?

Like the body wraps, these bolt-on kits lie in grey area. Since these chnage the identifty of the car, the cops and RTO might deem them as illegal.

Certain changes can be made to your vehicle in India without violating the original manufacturer’s specifications. These alterations include cosmetic adjustments like changing the car’s color, adding minor accessories such as rain visors and bumper corner protectors, and upgrading tires and wheels to those of a higher variant within the limits set by the carmaker. However, engine swapping requires prior permission from the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Violating any of these rules can result in a fine of Rs 5,000 per alteration or imprisonment for up to six months.

Structural changes to vehicles are not legal in India, according to the Supreme Court and the Motor Vehicle Act. Such modifications are prohibited from being used on public roads. However, enthusiasts may use such vehicles as project cars for private properties, such as racing tracks or farmhouses. Still, if found on public roads, the police have the authority to seize them.

Even aftermarket accessories like bull bars and other structural changes are banned in India. Additionally, using tires that are too large for a vehicle is also prohibited. While these modified vehicles may draw attention on the roads, they are often constructed without proper welding equipment at local garages, making them potentially dangerous.

If a vehicle disintegrates while on the road, it can cause serious accidents. To monitor such modifications, the police in different states set up check-points and issue challans for violators.

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