India’s first Mercedes S-Class to Maybach conversion: What it feels like to drive [Video]

The first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word Mercedes-Benz S-Class is luxury. It is one of the most luxurious cars sold by the German manufacturer in India. For those who feel that the S-Class is not luxurious enough, then they can opt for the Maybach version which is even more magnificent than the regular S-Class. Here we have a video that shows a one-of-its-kind modification done to a Mercedes-Benz S500. The regular S500 is now converted into a Maybach car and is probably the first vehicle in the country to get this treatment.

The video has been uploaded by Turbo Xtreme on his yotube channel. The video basically takes us through the modification that are done to the car and also shows how does it actually feel to drive. The video starts by showing the modifications on the car. The front end of the car has been completely updated and are installed with Maybach bumper and front grille with Maybach badging on it. The headlamps have also been updated and so are the LED tail lights. The whole car also gets a ruby black peel-able paintjob which is common is Mercedes cars. The alloy wheels on this Mercedes are also updated. It gets Maybach inspired 20 inch alloy wheels with Mercedes logo in the centre.

On the inside, The S500 was already a luxurious car and only minor changes are done to it. The AC vents were updated and now get the ambient lighting option and the other addition is a rotating speaker on A-pillar from Burmester. Apart from that pretty much everything is the same as seen in the regular S-class. According the video, owner of this vehicle also has plans to re-tune the engine which would make it a bit more powerful than what it already is.

India’s first Mercedes S-Class to Maybach conversion: What it feels like to drive [Video]

Coming to the driving part, the S500 is powered by a 4,663cc, V8 engine producing 453 Bhp and 700 Nm of peak torque. The vlogger drives it in both E and S mode and in both mode the car felt pretty fun to drive. It felt like the car had enough power on reserve even when he had touched 160 kmph mark on the speedo. In Sports mode the car became a bit more responsive and did 0-100 kmph much faster. The overall ride quality of the car felt superb and the vlogger blown away by the sheer power of the car. Overall, the car looks neat and the vlogger is impressed with the way it drives.

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