India’s first MG Hector SUV to get an aftermarket CNG kit

MG launched their first product, Hector in the market couple of years ago. The SUV became popular among buyers in a short span of time. It had a long waiting period and MG even had to stop accepting booking for some time as they were not able to meet the rising demand. Earlier this year, MG also launched an updated model of the SUV in the market. The SUV has received some cosmetic changes on the outside and more features on the inside. Here we have a pre-facelift MG Hector SUV that has been installed with an aftermarket CNG kit.

The video has been uploaded by vishwas auto gas cng on their YouTube channel. This is probably the first MG Hector SUV to get an aftermarket CNG Kit. Petrol and diesel prices in the country have been rising in the country and that has lead people to look for alternate options like aftermarket CNG kits. Some vehicle manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki and Hyundai offer company fitted CNG kit with many of their models but, MG Hector on the other hand is available with a petrol and diesel engine option only.

The video is all about the installation of the CNG kit. The video show a pre-facelift MG Hector in a workshop and the work on installing the kit is in progress. They install injectors, regulators, solenoid, high pressure hose, low pressure hose, refilling valve are all installed. The CNG cylinder is actually installed in the boot like any other vehicle.

The boot on MG Hector is quite spacious and even after installing a CNG cylinder with its stand at the rear, there is decent amount of space inside the boot. Normally after installing a CNG cylinder, there is no space in the boot for luggage but, here there is decent amount of space left. Once they had installed everything, the plastic panels on the engine and other components are placed back. The video also shows gas level indicator that is installed inside the cabin next to the steering wheel.

India’s first MG Hector SUV to get an aftermarket CNG kit

The work done on this MG Hector does look very neat. This is an aftermarket installation and this modification would have probably taken away the company warranty. The main benefit of installing  a CNG kit is that, it is cheap and is fuel efficient. The cost of running a CNG vehicle in comparison to petrol is much less. It always recommended to get an RTO approved CNG kit installed in a car to safety reasons.

The video does not share the cost of installing this CNG kit in the MG Hector. The 2021 version of MG Hector gets a redesigned grille, bumper and bigger alloy wheels. On the inside, the SUV gets features like ventilated seats, electrically adjustable front row seats, updated touchscreen infotainment screen that supports Hinglish voice commands, lighter coloured cabin and so on. It is available with a 1.5 litre petrol engine and 2.0 litre diesel engine. The petrol version comes with Hybrid and Non-Hybrid versions. The Hybrid version gets manual gearbox whereas as non-Hybrid gets manual, CVT and DCT gearbox options. The diesel version is available with a manual gearbox only.