India’s first mini Volkswagen Kombi van working model: Check it out [Video]

Volkswagen Kombi is a classic van. These vans are very rare to find on our roads. It is a popular van among collectors and those who have them have maintained them well. Other than Kombi, it is also known by the name Volkswagen Transporter or the Type 2. As these mini bus or micro buses are rare in India, many have even modified the Force Matador van to look like Kombi.  It has a very retro looking design and bright shades which gave it a separate identity on the road. Here we have a video where a YouTuber has made a mini working model of Volkswagen Kombi van.

The video has been uploaded by sudus custom on their YouTube channel. In this video, Rakesh Babu who made this mini Kombi van is seen doing the final set of works on it. It should be noted that this is a hand-made electric Kombi van miniature working model. The frame of the van was built by Rakesh Babu in his garage. He used metal pipes to make the frame of the van. The overall length of the van is around 4 feet and is ideal for children. He used 8 inch wheels for the van which is usually seen on trolleys.

The van is getting a handle bar set up instead of a steering. Once again, the whole set up for the handle bar was made at the workshop only. The structure for seat and passengers was also built into the frame. Once the frame was ready, Rakesh started working on the body and design of the van. He took a scale model for reference and started bending metal rods to make the basic body structure. There is only one door in this van and the top is open so that an adult can sit properly in it. He used metal sheets and bent them to acheive the Kombi van like look.

India’s first mini Volkswagen Kombi van working model: Check it out [Video]

Th wheel arch, front-end and rear were all made from metal sheers. After that he used putty to get an even finish on the body and painted the van in Blue and White dual-tone shade. The van seen here is an electric mini model and it can be used as a toy for children. Kids can sit in the front while, another person can drive the van from the rear seat. The electric motor used in this van is from an electric scooter. The battery pack is placed under the driver seat and the electric motor is mounted to the rear axle. The electric motor uses a chain drive to rotate the rear wheels.

The handle bar on this van gets accelerator and brakes. After completing the final set of works, Rakesh Babu even drives the van through the pocket road in front of his garage. This mini Kombi van looks brilliant specially when you consider the fact that it is mostly hand-made. This is not the first time, Rakesh has build something like this. He has built Mini Volkswagen Beetly, Yamaha RX100, Willys Jeep and even a electric Shelby Cobra mini model for kids in the past.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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