India’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is here

Bajaj introduced their highly anticipated bike, the Dominar in December last year. The bike has gained a lot of attention among the Indian consumers and is the coolest bike that Bajaj India has made. Even though the bike recently made entry into the Indian market, a modified example has already cropped up. While the company does provide a few accessories to customers, people in the aftermarket industry have come up with better offerings.

India’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is hereSahyadri, a company that develops accessories for bikes has come up with a few mods for the Dominar to help improve its long distance touring ability. The first and most noticeable change is the front windscreen that has been added. What is interesting is the fact that this one has a mobile phone mount which has been built into the windscreen unit.

This will help deflect the wind at higher speeds, given that this is a performance touring bike. In addition to that, a custom crash guard has been added to the front with a frame slider which gives it a cool look. This will also help protect the engine in case of any mishap. The number plate has been relocated and two 18 watt auxiliary lights have been added to the front end for improved visibility.

The Dominar already has cool looking LEDs in the head and tail lamp custer. The bike is offered in three colours, white, blue and this plum colour. What is also cool is the digital instrument cluster which is on offer with a wide range of riding information. India’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is hereIndia’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is hereTo improve the long distance touring capabilities, the company has added a Shad SH39 topbox onto the rear of the bike along with a custom top rack and saddle stays. This will make it easier to store luggage while long distance touring, something which this bike is built for. The whole build will set you back by Rs 35,000, if this is the spec and accessories you want.India’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is hereThere are no changes to the engine or any other mechanical aspect of the bike. It continues to be powered by a liquid cooled 373.3 cc engine making 34.5 Bhp and 35 Nm. 0-100 comes up in a brisk 8.23 seconds.

This comes with the option of ABS as well, which is priced just Rs 14,000 above the non ABS version. Prices for the normal version start at Rs 1.36 lakhs and the ABS version is going for Rs 1.50 lakhs, making it very competitively priced.

India’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is here India’s first modified Bajaj Dominar is here

For any more information on such bike modifications, you can contact Sahyadri at +919969709615 or through their FB page : Link

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