India’s first modified Jawa 42 is here: Exhaust altered for bassier sound [Video]

One of the first modifications on most Royal Enfield motorcycles in India is an exhaust swap, for a bassier thump.  Jawa 42 and Classic retro motorcycle owners seem to be taking a similar route. This is India’s first modified Jawa  42, whose exhaust has been tweaked for a bassier sound. The owner of this modified Jawa 42 has documented the entire modification on video. Check it out.

As the video shows, modifying a stock Jawa 42/Classic 300 is pretty straight forward, and most owners can do it  themselves with basic tools. There is a removable baffle (also known as DB Killer) in each of the two exhaust pipes  on the Jawa 42, which can be removed/re-positioned for a bassier exhaust note. We anticipate that this ‘sleeper’  modification will be one of the most sought after change on the Jawa 42/Classic as soon as owners take delivery of  the motorcycle. This modification is unlikely to attract the attention of law enforcement officials as it there’s no  major visual change. Also, the modification does not make the exhaust note of the motorcycle too loud, instead giving the bike a nice, bassy sound that most owners will be satisfied with.

What remains to be seen is whether warranty will be voided by Classic Legends on Jawa 42/Classic motorcycles that  have their exhaust baffles/DB killers removed. At the first ride event of the Jawa 42 and Classic, officials from  Classic Legends actually showed how the DB Killer could be easily removed from the exhausts, giving the motorcycles  better sound. So, it’s unlikely that they will take a harsh view of owners removing the DB Killers from their Jawa  motorcycles. This said, it’s always better to check with local Jawa dealers for warranty implication before remiving  the exhaust baffles/DB Killers.

India’s first modified Jawa 42 is here: Exhaust altered for bassier sound [Video]

The Jawa 42 and Classic are currently sold out for the next few months, and it’ll be a few weeks before Classic  Legends dealers start accepting fresh bookings for the motorcycles. Demand is high, and waiting periods for the Jawa 42 and Classic now stand at more than 4 months. A dual channel ABS option will be added to both motorcycles from June-July 2019, which is when fresh bookings are likely to be taken again. The Jawa 42 is priced at Rs. 1.55 lakhs while the Jawa Classic 300 is priced at Rs. 1.64 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.

Both motorcycles feature a single channel ABS as a standard safety feature. They share mechanicals including the  engine, and the only changes between both the motorcycles are design (styling) bits and ergonomics. The engine that powers both motorcycles is a 293cc, four stroke single cylinder unit derived from the Mahindra Mojo but reworked for better low end torque. Liquid cooled, fuel injected and featuring a four valve head running a twin cam set-up, this motor makes 27 Bhp of peak power and 28 Nm of peak torque. A six speed manual gearbox is standard. Telescopic front forks and twin, gas charged rear shock absorbers handle suspension duties.

By the end of this year, Classic Legends will introduce another motorcycle – the Jawa Perak Bobber. The Jawa Perak  will be India’s least priced Bobber, and will get a big bore version of the 293cc engine. Displacing 334cc, the  bigger motor will make 31 Bhp-32 Nm but rest of the specifications (excluding the bore size) will be similar to those  of the Jawa 42/Classic’s engine. Prices of the Jawa Perak have already been announced, and the motorcycle will cost  Rs. 1.89 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.