Politician rides India’s first modified Suzuki Burgman Trike! [Video]


Modifications of vehicles are strictly illegal in India under the new laws passed by the Supreme Court. Here is a Suzuki Burgman scooter that has been modified into a trike in Mumbai. Interestingly, the rider is a Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA) and is known as Waris Pathan. He was spotted riding the modified scooter during the Ramadan celebrations.

The Suzuki Burgman is a new performance-oriented automatic two-wheeler that gives a feeling of a maxi-scooter. The video on F3News was taken on the public roads and the trike accommodated three people on it. However, none of them was wearing a helmet. It is not known if the trike riders in India require a helmet just like the two-wheelers. Since the trikes are not very common on the Indian roads, there have not been many incidents in the past that involved trikes. However, it sure is a good idea to wear a helmet on a trike too.

The modified Burgman Trike looks quite cool. Apart from the rider seat positioned at the front, the scooter gets space for two in the rear. The rear-end of the scooter has been modified completely and add wide sofa-style seats for two. Even the rider seat is different and apart from the apron of the scooter, nothing else remains the same. It sure looks good nonetheless and gets a lot of views on the road.

The Suzuki Burgman seen in the video gets a completely modified body, which requires changing the structure of the scooter. The stock scooter powers the rear wheel through a final belt drive system. However, that must have been altered in this scooter. We are not sure how the power reaches the rear wheels of the scooter but in likeliness, the final belt drive transfers the power to a new rear axle that rotates the wheels. It must have required a lot of modifications to change the whole structure of the scooter like that. However, the front-end of the scooter remains stock, which ensures the identity of the two-wheeler.

Politician rides India’s first modified Suzuki Burgman Trike! [Video]

Adding such a modification to any two-wheeler increases the overall load on the engine. The Suzuki Burgman looks like a maxi scooter but is powered by a 124cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that develops a maximum power of 8.6 Bhp and peak torque of 10.2 Nm. It gets a CVT automatic transmission as standard.

It should be noted that changing the structure of a two-wheeler is highly illegal and it can get seized. Apart from changing the structure, there are quite a few things that have gone into the making of this modification job. The handling of a trike is also quite different from a two-wheeler.