India’s first new Maruti Suzuki Swift with Rolls Royce-style ‘Starry Roof’


Want your Maruti Swift to have a star-studded roof like the one that is offered on customized Rolls Royces? Well, it’s now possible, and at a fraction of the cost of that on a Rolls Royce. AutoBull Car Accessories of Vadodara, Gujarat, are now selling starry roofs that will fit nearly any Indian car or SUV. While this customization has already been implemented on a new Maruti Swift, here are more details.

The ‘starry sky’ roof lighting/roof headliner will cost about Rs. 25,000 for small cars such as the Maruti Swift, Hyundai i20 and the Honda Jazz. For larger cars such as the Honda City, Renault Duster and Hyundai Creta, it’ll cost about Rs. 35,000. For even larger vehicles such as the Toyota Innova, Mahindra Scorpio and the Tata Hexa, this modification will cost about Rs. 45,000.

These prices are inclusive of installation. The installation will take about 6-8 hours, during which the car has to be kept idle. For more details, you may get in touch with AutoBull Accessories on the following numbers: +91-9510159995 and 9586660166.

What will the ‘Starry Roof’ headliner do?

Well, it’s a purely cosmetic modification meant to enhance the interiors of your car and give it a premium feel. There are no performance or fuel efficiency benefits whatsoever. Factory warranty may be affected in case of specific cars. Do check with your car’s authorized service center before going in for this modification.

You are not likely to get into trouble with the cops though as this is a purely cosmetic modification that’s unseen during the daytime. And that can be turned off during the night. Also, the colours of the starlight on the roof can be changed. It’s more like a mood-sensitive ambient lighting system that many high end cars now feature. Do note that it’s not advisable for cars that have six airbags.