India’s first & only Mahindra Thar with a “Train Horn” costing Rs. 1 lakh

Car horns can be annoying at times. What if someone installs a train horn on their vehicle? Well, here is a Mahindra Thar with an expensive train horn that can scare the daylight out of anyone! And the total cost of the set-up is a whopping Rs. 1 lakh!

What is it about?

The Mahindra Thar seen in the video gets a pressure horn, which has been imported from Canada as explained by the owner. The pressure horns are banned in India and there have been instances when the cops seized such horns from big busses and trucks. They are also not available easily in the Indian market.

The horn installed in the Thar has been imported from Canada along with a portable compressor that has been placed in the rear cabin of the SUV. The portable compressor us used to blow the horn and it sounds extremely loud. The sound is similar to the train horns and can be heard over long distances. The compressor can also be used to fill up the tyres when needed.

India’s first & only Mahindra Thar with a “Train Horn” costing Rs. 1 lakh

The owner of the vehicle says that these horns cannot be used on the public roads as they are banned. Why are they have been installed on the vehicle? Well, as per the owner it is for use during extreme off-roading in jungles or secluded places. The horn helps them to locate the vehicle.

Total cost of the set-up is said to be around Rs. 1 lakh. The horn itself costs Rs. 25,000 while the compressor costs Rs. 50,000. Importing them to India takes the major chunk of money and the total set-up comes to be around Rs. 1 lakh.

In the video made by the YouTube channel – Lokesh Swami also shows how to use the horn. As it uses the compressor to sound the horn, there is a primary button that needs to be pressed to activate the compressor. After that, the regular horn button on the steering wheel can be used to sound the horn. The horn itself is made up of three different chimes that have been installed in the front of the vehicle. The bright chrome finish on the horn makes it difficult to miss it easily. It sure is one of the loudest horns on a private vehicle in India.

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